{^^2oo8 iS c0MiNG^^}

.::[LiFe iS sHORt, sO mAke fuLL uSe Of iT ]::.

Happy New Year 2008!

Sudahkan kita menetapkan azam yang baru? Atau takde ape2 azam..semua same je? Steady as it goes?

Firman Allah s.w.t.:
~~"Sesungguhnya, tidakkan berubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan kaum itu mengubahnya sendiri"~~

Semoga kita akan mmperbaiki diri kita utk lebih dicintai oleh Allah s.w.t. dan sesiapa sahaja disekeliling kita dan tak lupe juga kat memberku itu. Amin.. (^____^)V

Hey there!

Guys, let's have a leisure time lol..study je memanjang..tak tensi ka?? So now, presenting... another touching and meaningful song from Plain White T's...have a good time! And to my friends, g00d luck for the final examination..may God bless u.

Hey there Delilah
What's it like in New York City?
I'm a thousand miles away
But girl tonight you look so pretty
Yes you do
Time Square can't shine as bright as you
I swear it's true

Hey there Delilah
Don't you worry about the distance
I'm right there if you get lonely
Give this song another listen
Close your eyes
Listen to my voice it's my disguise
I'm by your side

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
What you do to me

Hey there Delilah
I know times are getting hard
But just believe me girl
Someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar
We'll have it good
We'll have the life we knew we would
My word is good

Hey there Delila
I've got so much left to say
If every simple song I wrote to you
Would take your breath away
I'd write it all
Even more in love with me you'd fall
We'd have it all

Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me
Oh it's what you do to me

A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they've got planes and trains and cars
I'd walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
And we'll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way

Delilah I can promise you
That by the time we get through
The world will never ever be the same
And you're to blame

Hey there Delilah
You be good and don't you miss me
Two more years and you'll be done with school
And I'll be making history like I do
You know it's all because of you
We can do whatever we want to
Hey there Delilah here's to you
This ones for you

Oh It's what you do to me!
Oh it's what you do to me!
Oh it's what you do to me!
Oh it's what you do to me!
Oh it's what you do to me!
What you do to me...

I never knew learning to play this song with my guitar is not really difficult until I give a try past couple of days. What to say? This song is really "suitable" for my situation right now... I just hope, may a day come so that I can sing this to somebody...maybe. Hey there Delilah~lalala~


I'm down...miss my "abah"...he's sick. Right now..I can't be tougher as I always be....I want to go home..For that reason, I just feel that I'm ignoring my friends...but I just hope them to understand me..

Life is elusive
Barely we can comprehend what's the real meaning of life.
Life is complicated
But with the complexity
It made us to become stronger, better and wiser.
Life will only be wonderful with imperfects.

Friendship are always wonderful if it mix up with sincerity, understanding and supporting..

Many people will walk in and out of your life
But only true friends will leave footprints in your heart
To handle yourself, use your head
To handle others, use your heart..

+the TRUTH of YOU to ME +

Right now

I felt the emptiness inside my heart
That should be fill with "ai"
Maybe a dream...
At least that what I feel

My life continues

When I'm thinking of it
I try to look on the bright side
I want to explain everything
But I wish that u could understand

The time is quite right

Ahh... I badly had tell u
The secret that I really2 had to tell
Maybe it is not in a well manner
But I manage to give the best
So u know..

What left now
Is for what would happen next
What my life and yours will turn to
But I'm not wishing for worse thing
And I'd make my promise
That I'll wait..

Hujan itu BEST!

Hujan!Yeepi..suka suki..hehe :D

Ape yg best time hujan ye? It's just an ordinary nature phenomena isn't? But, how could someone appreciate it?

Antara yg paling best nak buat time hujan? Depends on your thinking la..but 4 me :

<1> Kalo waktu malam, di restoran yg ade atap(tp tepi die takde dinding), minum air panas2...makanan panas2...duduk ngan mmber(2 org lagi feeling)..woo..best yg sgt2.hehe..

<2> Tgk citer2 yg best(yg sayu2 sket..feeling2 sket) sambil minum air nescafe panas..wau!

<3> Dengar lagu kuat2..sampai 1 rumah bole dengar..(kesian yg 1 rumah ngan aku..ish3)

<4> Play my guitar.. :D

Well, rain is rain. The phenomena repeats. But rain do make a cooler atmosphere and hence bring calmness to heart..

p/s: gambar itu adalah band indon - hujan.

>::LisTeN tO tHe ThUNdeR::<


Today is a winding road
That's taking me to places that I didn't want to go
Today in the blink of an eye
I'm holding on to something and I do not know why I tried

I tried to read between the lines
I tried to look in your eyes
I want a simple explanation; what I'm feeling inside
I gotta find a way out
Maybe there's a way out

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
And bring on the thunder

Today is a winding road
Tell me where to start and tell me something I don't know
Today I'm on my own
I can't move a muscle and I can't pick up the phone, I don't know

And now I'm itching for the tall grass
And longing for the breeze
I need to step outside, just to see if I can breathe
I gotta find a way out
Maybe there's a way out

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
And bring on the thunder

Yeah I'm walking on a tightrope
I'm wrapped up in vines
I think Ill make it out but you just gotta give me time
Strike me down with lightning
Let me feel you in my veins
I wanna let you know how much I feel your pain

Today is a winding road
Thats taking me to places that I didn't want to go

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder, and I said
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
And bring on the thunder

Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
Do you know you're unlike any other?
You'll always be my thunder
So bring on the rain
Oh baby bring on the pain
And listen to the thunder

This time, with this song, I just imagine that I could sing it nicely with my Red - Alice - Guitar, to someone who I really badly want to see....

+UnPR3DiCTabLE LoVe+

There's a pain in my chest
For waiting to say a word to you

But every time I want to pronounce it

I think a lot of things

What are your thinking about me

The others thinking
And the future

I really want to tell u something
I gotta be brave and good
But u seems wont listen to me if I dare to speak
Because I believe u will tell me something
Something that might hurt me the most
That I would never wanna hear it

Life goes on
We had spend many time together

And it seems it will continues like that

But we go different path

And in the end I just hope

That we'll bound together

Now, I might take a step forward
When the time is right I'll tell u
But the important is
I don't wanna think about anything else
Including what would happen next
Because that I named
+unPReDiCTaBLe LoVe+

USM 34th Hockey Festival

Last week (14-16 Dec) aku pergi ke USM. Watpe ye? Jalan2? Takdela..aku masuk USM hockey festival kat sana. Bagi yg tak tahu ape2, ni aku nak bagitau nih..

MMU Melaka telah menghantar 2 team - 1 team junior, 1 team senior.. Kedua2nye masuk under open- category (mane2 team kat m'sia ni bole masuk). Kalo nak tahu name2 besar dalam hockey, antaranye ialah Kuittho(tak reti nak eja), Uniten, Maybank, Kilat..byk lagi la.. Format game ialah group and knockout dimana setiap group ade 3 team.

Aku main utk team junior. Yang senior2 tu diorang dah nak grad dah sem dpn. Name pun junior, kami mmg byk timba pengalaman la.. Achievement 4 junior team tak jauh la. First game we lost 3-0 (to UTM) and then draw 0-0 (with UiTM). Pastu tak dapat advance la ke knockout stage. Faktor kekalahan? Sedang dianalisa..hehehe.

For senior team, diorang bagus skit la. First game lost 0-1, pastu menang 4-0. Layak ke 2nd round (menang 1-0) tp tersekat kat 3rd round (1-2). It's okay la for MMU right? They all tried their best to win but they just can go until 3rd round b4 reaching quater - final. Be proud MMuians!

Yang byk dpt complain ialah mutu pengadilan. Bukan team kitorang je tau, team2 lain pun berang ngan mutu pengadilan. Ade yg dgr sampai gaduh2 ngan pengadil. Apela..tak professional langsung. Kejohanan yg besar camni sepatutnye takde masalah ni. Yang paling jelas bagi kami ialah pengadilan mase game 4 senior team. Yg kalah 1-2 tu tau tak knape? Gol kedua lwn tu mmg sgt kontroversi la. Ape tak nye, bola jelas2 dah keluar garisan (out) tp pengadil ckp carry on game. Huhu..sbb tu la antara faktor kekalahan game tu.

Team yg diorang lwn tu ialah team - USM. Org ckp USM antar byk team, sume tersingkir awal dan harapan terakhir diorang ialah team yg senior team MMU lwn tu. Sbb tu pengadil berat sebelah kot... Sorry ye 4 sape2 USM supporter..gomen2..tp ni diorang (team senior) ckp la.. I'm just "salurkan" pendapat diorangla..

Balik la awal kami haritu lepas kepenatan..

Well, achievement tu okay la. Kalo nak bandingkan ngan team MMU Cyber. Group stage pun tak lepas (a fact). Kontroversi, konflik dan macam2 lagila..sume tu "lumrah" kejohanan2 kan? Ape2 pun kitorang will improve our self 4 better performance in the next tournament we'll enter. The neasrest is MASUM. Support ye? Hehe..

p/s: takde gamba nak ditunjukkan ye..huhu.. gomenne.

oh dreams..

If u are given 3 wishes that will surely be granted, and what could it be?

I want...

1 - A never ending smiling and joyful life

2 - Someone that would always be there for me. And in return I would be there for her/him.

3 - Love that spread to the world and bringing peace..


Life is all about determination and dreams. Well, this song sang by Aqua Timez - Ketsui no Asa Ni, is just perfect to hear and think about teh meaning of it. Download here. (song in Japanese)

The Morning of Determination

If you want to do something then sketch out your pitiful dream
If you want to do something then sketch out your dream with badly lit,
but pleasant love
You don't have to pretend,
you're more like you when you aren't pretentious

The more effort we put into it the more fruitless our journey is
Our hands and fleet fly everywhere,
like we're in an elementary school parade
Living life, isn't great?
So being laughed at by people definitely feels alright

Deep, deep in my heart is the hidden, true me
Flesh and blood of 36.5 degrees Celsius, unembellished,
come now, we don't stop
But we're still pretending to be strong, still putting up barriers,
and still battling pain

When in pain, I wish I could say that is how I feel
We’re weaklings that pretending to be tough,
Even though I’m lonely,
I pretending to be just fine in order to protect myself
who feels like he's about to crumble
It shouldn't be only me that feels these feelings
of having no place to turn to
this loneliness that has no whereabouts

I’m no different to the pain of others
When I’m really being myself, I get insecure
Disliking people, thinking that I'm the only one who is unfortunate
I whine about the things that I’m deprived of
I scream and cries like a 3 years old kid
I’m sitting and waiting for my afternoon snack, called love

Not giving in to the reflection in the asphalt
I looked at people, and thought
If I could move, if there was a place I wanted to head to
then I would walk there with my own feet

There were nights when I wasn't sure
if I’d be able to get my real smile back again
But supported by the warmth of those who are dear to me,
I had thought that I'd like to try believing once more

When in pain, I wish i could say that's how I feel
We’re weaklings pretending to be tough,
even though I’m lonely,
I pretending to be just fine in order to protect myself
who feels like he's about to crumble
However my mistakes and scars, being perplexed
And the days when I was about to cry
They're all proof that I lived my life,

If u want to do something, then from now on
Sketch out your pitiful dream, with more strength than anyone else
Readying your explanation, and holding your head high,
without hesitation
Let’s carry on singing songs of the people we call ourselves

Half - Life of the cycle...

To all MMUians,

Sedar2 dah pertengahan sem kite ye? Sem pendek yg 8 mggu je ni sgt2 pact. Sekarang ni kite sume semakin busy ngan midterm, assignment, lab report, quiz, dsb. Mooii..ke-busy-an ni tak se-busy mane sebenarnye(sbb baru nak mula). Nanti dekat nak final, aiyoo..taya belom cukup angin la.. kena pam nih. Pin..pin..

To my dear classmate,

Macam kate Mr.Ammar - Everyone has their own point of view in designing. But, if you not design carefully, your design sucks! - .Dan igt, kite telah dilengkapi dengan the magic calculator, the magic notes dan the magic tables.. Haha..lain designer lain punya company maa.. Oleh itu, same2lah kite bertanding company mane yg lebih teror. Ganbareyo! Selamat berjaya for coming obstacles ahead.

what BOOK cannot TEACH

As life continues, I've learn some values of life that could be interpreted as above:

Some people do have sensitive feelings, that they need to rely on someone who are stronger than them. Those sensitive feelings are something like - easy to be hurt and so on. But when the person they are rely on, hate them because they do show their sensitiveness (u know what I mean), they'll hurt of course. And then come words like this "I am who I am to be, if u don't like me, don't care about me then", that should be heard by the stronger person. In the end, a friendship may had broken.

Friendship are not like write a name with a pencil and then u can easily erase it. It's more than that!

People, we are tougher when we sit among our friends. Aren't we? Ever felt lonely and miserable when u are alone? If u ever felt that way, then that is the feeling of your friend when u left them. Sometimes, it's quite hard to understand someone feelings. But it is more harder than not trying to understand anything about them.

We always say good things like " friends are angels" , " world is like hell without friends" or " I'll never forget things we share together, friend". But, do that wonderful words really meant for you? If you don't meant it, then don't just say! A good friendship will always understand and needing each other. Not just need when needed - a.k.a. pakai dan buang.

Words are sharper than a blade. Don't simply say something to your friends! If u don't be careful, you'll hurt them. And don't be too choosy, don't be too arrogant, don't be too loud of your self. Every where you go, there are a lots of people willingly to be your mates with or without a reason. So, just make friends with them!

Friends, you and me.
You brought another friend.
And then there were 3.
We started our group.
Our circle of friends.
And like that circle.
There is no beginning or end.

Friendship based on love, love based on friendship. So let's spread out love to the world. wide Let we live in harmony! Peace!!


Recently, I've been thinking what I'm gonna be in the next five years? Until now, I realize that the prospect of my career is getting clear and clearer as I grow "older" in my majoring - mechanical engineering. Well,

Seeing is believing.
Hearing is trusting.
Thinking is understanding.
Speaking is wanting.
In the end, the decision is to be set.

And above all my thinking, my dream job is to be one of the designer or upgrades team of one of the most successful automobile company - Ferrari. Hah! Why not dreaming a fantastic job right?

Now we got all the way to go until we'll graduate. And at that moment, parting with friends would be the most saddest thing in the world. That's why, besides from planning for the future, you know that friends are someone you'll never forget. So, what would happen now is just the memories of your old days. Love you friends, care them, cherish them and walk side by side with them towards the successfulness in the future. Kon!

It's Revolving.

In this life.....

If fate is a wheel, we are the cogs that drive it. It's REVOLVING.

That's why we'll keep bored to do the same thing, but in the end we'll realize that all of what this so called "revolving" would be acceptable. And we'll find out that study should be the first priority. Dakara, minna-san, ganbatte ne!!

ThOUsaNDs Of NiGhT

I would like to share a song with ya. Taken from bleach ending movie (memories of nobody), this song seems to be very meaningful and help you to cheer up! Find it on my first playlist~ (^_^)

Sen no Yoru wo Koete (thousands of night)

Aisaretai demo aisou to shinai
Sono kurikaeshi no naka wo samayotte
Boku ga mitsuketa kotae wa hitotsu kowakutatte kizutsuitatte
Suki na hito ni wa suki tte tsutaerunda

Anata ga boku wo aishiteru ka aishitenai ka
Nante koto wa mou docchi demo ii n da
Donna ni negai nozomou ga
Kono sekai ni wa kaerarenu mono ga takusan aru darou
Sou soshite boku ga anata wo aishiteru to iu jijitsu dake wa
Dare ni mo kaerarenu shinjitsu dakara

Sen no yoru wo koete anata ni tsutaetai
Tsutaenakya naranai koto ga aru
Aisaretai demo aisou to shinai
Sono kurikaeshi no naka wo samayotte
Boku ga mitsuketa kotae wa hitotsu kowakutatte kizutsuitatte
Suki na hito ni wa suki tte tsutaeru n da
Kimochi wo kotoba ni suru no wa kowai yo demo
Suki na hito ni wa suki tte tsutaeru n da

Kono hiroi sekai de meguri au yorokobi wo kotoba jya ii arawasenai ne
Dakara bokutachi wa hohoemi
Iro azayaka ni sugiru aki wo doremi de utatte
Fuyu wo se ni haru no komorebi wo machi
Atarashiku umare kawaru dareka wo mamoreru youni to

Kita michi to yukisaki furikaereba itsudemo
okubyou na me wo shite ita boku

Mukiaitai demo sunao ni narenai
Massugu ni aite wo aisenai hibi wo
Kurikaeshite wa hitoribocchi wo iyagatte
Ano hi no boku wa mukizu na mama de hito wo aisou to shite ita

Sen no yoru wo koete ima anata ni ai ni yukou
Tsutaenakya naranai koto ga aru
Aisaretai demo aisou to shinai
Sono kurikaeshi no naka wo samayotte
Boku ga mitsuketa kotae wa hitotsu kowakutatte kizutsuitatte
Suki na hito ni wa suki tte tsutaeru n da
Sono omoi ga kanawanakutatte suki na hito ni suki tte tsutaeru
Sore wa kono sekai de ichiban suteki na koto sa

Translated Version

I want to be loved, but you don’t seem to love me
I wander within that repetition
I found one answer; that even if I’m scared, even if I’m hurt
I can say “I love you” to the person who I love

Do you love me? Or not love me?
As for things like that, it’s already fine either way
No matter how I wish
There are many unchangeable things in this world, right?
That’s right, and because only the fact of my love to you
Is the truth unchangeable by anyone

I want to overcome the thousands of nights and tell it to you
There’s something that I must tell you
I want to be loved, but you don’t seem to love me
I wander within that repetition
I found one answer; that even if I’m scared
Even if I’m hurt, I can say “I love you” to the person who I love
It’s scary to turn my feelings into words
But I can say “I love you” to the person who I love

In this broad world
I can’t express the joy of encountering you with words

So we smile, sing about the vividly passing autumn in do-re-mi
Turn our backs on winter,
wait for the sunlight streaming through trees in spring

And become reborn anew, so that we can protect someone

On the path we came from and our destination,
when we looked back, I’d always have timid eyes

I want to face you, but I can’t be honest
I, who repeated days
of not being able to straightforwardly love my partner

And hated being alone on that day
Seemed to love people while unwounded

I’ll overcome the thousands of nights and go meet you now
There is something that I must tell you
I want to be loved, but you don’t seem to love me
I wander within that repetition
I found one answer; that even if I’m scared
Even if I’m hurt, I can say “I love you” to the person who I love
Even if those thoughts aren’t fulfilled
I can say “I love you” to the person who I love

Because it’s the most wonderful thing in this world


Kon!Kon! (^_~)V

~Never Give Up~
~Just Believe in Yourself~

~No Matter What Happen in Life-~
~We Must Keep On Moving~

~Don't Worry if Someone Don't Believe You~
~Because There is Someone Else Would Believe You~

~Don't Rest Until You Beat the Best~

it ENDS with a BIG dot!

yeAyhh!!!! Alhamdulillah...

.::Somethin' that started has come to an ending::.

At last, this semester is coming to an end. Whatever happen for this whole semester is just "one of obstacles" ahead that we muss surpass...the CGPA, the lecturers, notes, homeworks and even friends..is the "ingredient" of it. Awal2 sem hari tu, agak kelam kabot aku. Dengan laptop yg kena hujan cam dah boleh dikategorikan "direndam dlm air"..dgn bayaran sewa apartment lagik.

Haish..tensyen! Tapi, what goes around will come around, yg itu dah setel, tapi masalah lain akan terus timbul. Well, we should know that kite cannot escape from all problems we’ll encounter in life. Sebab pa? Sebab.. benda2 inilah antara pengajaran2 yg akan mendewasan kite to be a better person in da future. Kan? Kan?

Study? Hurm..cube kite pikir balik. Berjayakah kite mencapai pencapaian yg baik? Kalo tak,cube tgk balik cara kite study. Ade org study giler2 tapi result tak giler2, siuman2 je..hahaha..takdela. Result biase je..even time final exam pun terpinga2. Macam aku nih..huhu. Ade lak yg jenis study sikit je, tapi result gempaq. ooOO0.. oi..Oi...lu bikin manyak tensi sama gua. Huhu..tapi :

"Allah tidak akan membebankan hamba-NYA selain beban yg mampu ditanggungnya" dan "Allah akan membalas amal kebaikan, setimpal dengan kebaikan yg dilakukan oleh hamba-NYA"..

Oleh itu rakan2, same2lah kite memajukan diri kite lagik dimasa hadapan ye? Ganbatte kudasai!!!
Wei..mung taknak raye ke?Haha..
Org tak cukup pose takleh duit raye. . bluewk!! (^O~)!

Dikesempatan ini, pakcik nak mintak ampun bebanyak kat sesaper je yg prnh pakcik wat silap ye? Mohon ampun byk2. Sume kesalahan2 korang sume aku ampunkan. Same2lah kite menyanyangi antara satu sama lain..terutamanye saudara seagama kite. Semoga dunia akan menjadi semakin aman damai... Saye SAYANG kamu!! Hik3.. (~_^)

Selamat Hari Raya~! Maaf Zahir & Batin~!

mahal sangat lew..HAHA

Heh2..hujan!(time aku tulis blog ni)Yeepi~

Ade satu perbicaraan nak kongsi nih..

Disuatu petang yang indah...2 org sahabat duk sembang2..

Mamat tanya" Awat ang tak dapat2 lagik ni? Dah berkurun da..janggut aku dah beratus2 kali trim..hahaha".
Karim jawab " Uih..nak wat camna lagik? Orang jual mahal sgt. Perit2..huhu".
Mamat tak puas hati, die pun komen " Oh..lagu tu lak? Ang tu tak try btol2".
" Alaa..aku takdak modal la...nak beli mahal sgt lew",keluh Karim..
Mamat tanya lagi " Habih, pahni ang nak watpa? Modal tak cukup, pahtu..?".
"Pahtu apa lagik? Kena kerjalah dulu..cari pitih dulu..kena cukupkan modalnye. Baru pikir nak sara anak orang" balas Karim.

"Uih..ang ni bijakla..tapi aku rase modalnye patut masuk skali agama..ilmu..haa..baru ade modal besaq! Tak gitu?" cadang Mamat.
"Haaa....betol3", kata Karim..

Kesimpulannye..kenalah ade "modal" yg besaq dulu, kalo nak beli yang mahal2..kan?kan? Betol3.. hehehe.. ;p



Pagi yg start ngan hujan..udara sejuk, nyaman2 dan study2. :D

Antara nasihat pakcik kpd yg akan hadapi finals nnt:
  1. Jangan ngadap pc banyok sgt na..jgn tgk cite, dgr lagu banyok2..tapi sebaliknye, banyak2kan dgr bacaan al-quran, zikir..dsb
  2. Engko tido lewat bebenor nak watpe? Bek tido awai..besok bgn awai. Baru fresh..sbb die besttttt! Hehehe..
  3. Yang ko duk pikir masalah2 yg tak kaitan watpa? Nak kena sekeh ka?? Fokus la kat study anda.. "one small step we make today would be a big step we have tomorrow".
  4. Subjek susah? Haa..tanya la membe. Takpon kalo rajen sgt, p tya lecturer.
  5. Try to think positive.Hmm..dlm aktiviti kite seharian, terutamanya bulan Ramdhan ni..ingat nih, simple but so meaningful " buat baik kena selalu, buat jahat jangan sekali". Jagalah tingkah laku kite, ketawa kite, blanje kite dsb...jadilah dermawan sket. :D
Jadi, sama2lah kite meningkatkan CGPA kite. Study has never ending. Amiklah kebaikan2 yg terdapat di bulan Ramadhan nie. Semoga kite sentiasa dirahmati-NYA. Amin....cam kate melody "tingkatkan prestasi, kurangkan kontroversi" sazzss...

to CHOSE with a REASON

Hari ni dah masuk haru ke-12 kite berpuase ye? Moga2 ibadah yang kite kerjakan akan mendapat balasan yang baik daripada Allah s.w.t. Dan semoga dengan ibadat2 itu, iman kite akan bertambah hebat dan teguh untuk menghadapi rintangan2 dari segala aspek di masa hadapan. InsyALLAH.

Kali ni, pakcik nak ckp sesuatu..
Hurm..ni mmg perkara biase nk ckp, tp rase2nye patut kite pikir..
MMU..apekah itu?? Money Making University? Manyak Misai University? Memang Mahal University? Bwahahaha!! Ape2 org ckp pun, itulah pandangan orang2 "tertentu" kpd MMU nih. Berdasarkan pencapaiannye, MMU mmg tidak dinafikan antara universiti yg baik, mapan, berkesan, cemerlang dan terbilang di Malaysia..hehe. (idop mmu!!) Tapi, seiring dengan pencapaiannye, MMU jugak antara universiti mahal, jerut tengkak dan ikat perut di Malaysia..huhuhu. (antara reason ialah yurannye).

Yang nak dijadikan cerita..ade salah seorang member aku (yang sekarang ni tahun asas) nak quit MMU sbb tak sanggup bayar fees die. Kesian tak?? Bukan tak dpt loan, PTPTN ade..tapi mmg menirap kalo duk kat sini dgn loan tu (die cakap). At least kena jugak mintak dari mak, ayah..nak blanje2 lain. Hari2 makan nasi+telur+sardin..kadang2 je kuar..tu pun sbb member beriya2 sgt ajak kuar. Ape2 "belongings" die..murah2 je. Contohnye, laptop die, beli dari bangku sekolah lagi (yang murah lew..jenama apetah)...sampai sekarang, rosak cane pun, guna yg tu jugak. Hurm..sbnrnye selain dari reason masalah kewangan, masalah lain ade gak katenye.. susah nak adapt, belajar susah dan sebagainye. Tapi yg aku rase kesiannye sbb main reason ialah fees MMU mahal sgt..sampai mak, ayah die sndiri bagi nasihat suruh belajar kat lain.

So sekarang sape salah?? MMU atau budak tu? Ya..tuan2 dan puan2, hantar undi anda kpd MMU<>ya@tidak<>36550. Undi ye? Jangan tak undi..hahahaha...

Hmm..orang ckp, kalo dah tahu mahal, buat ape susah2 nak masuk MMU jugak? Nanti bikin susah je..Orang ckp lagi, kalo budak2 PTPTN lain boleh survive, knape engko tak boleh?? Tapi aku agree yuran MMU mahal..bolehlah terima...sbb bagi aku, "bersusah2 dulu, bersenang2 kemudian" dan "berkorban apa saja, just for study". Meskipun begitu, ade certain2 things yang mmg tak boleh paham knape certain2 things tu expensive di MMU (fees, car sticker and so on). MMU..oh MMU.. Dan kepada member aku tadi, only you know what is right for yourself. Make a good decision boy! You are the one who chose the path of your future. Others are only "ingredient" to make you to be more wiser.


Kucing pun baca buku

Final examination is just around the corner. Sekarang ni, sume dah jadi busy dgn study masing2. Ade yg sampai demam la..hahaha. Jangan tensi2..rileks..makanlah Kit Kat. Ops...pose lak...haha. Ni sume dugaan..hadapilah dengan sebaiknya. Jagalah kesihatan kite..semoga dapat kita memberi komitmen 100% for final nanti. Bangunlah rakan2 seperjuangan, life has to move on no matter what happen in life. Goog Luck for Ramadhan and final. Ganbatte ne!


RamaDhan - I LoVE

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..

"Ahlan Wasahlan Ramadhan kareem"

Alhamdulilah..sekali lagi kita telah memasuki bulan yang mulia dan penuh berkat ini - Ramadhan. Tidak payah mengungkapkannya lagi, kita tahu setiap ibadah yang kita lakukan walaupun sedikit mana sekalipun, ganjaran pahala yang kita perolehi sangat banyak. Oleh itu, sama2lah kita memperbanyakkan amal ibadah.. kata jauhari "Beribadatlah kita dibulan Ramadhan ini seolah2 ini adalah Ramadhan yang terakhir bagi kita. Hargailah setiap detik dibulan ini dengan melakukan sebanyak mungkin perkara2 yang baik seiring dengan hati yang ikhlas dan takut mengadap-NYA".

Kalau dulu mungkin kite ade salah silap ngan sesaper, mintalah maaf. Andai dulu kita selalu memikirkan keduniaan, kurangkanlah.. sesungguhnya berkat dibulan Ramadhan ini sangat banyak. Malam Lailatul Qadar...usahakan. Jangan malas nak beribadat.


Hmm...final exam dah dekat. 3 minggu rase macam dekat. Persediaan masih belum buat... kena rajin..huhu. Tapi setakat ni..aku rase boleh study tapi semangat tu tak ade sangat. Sekadar study je.. tapi takde perasaan nak study "mati2an". H0h0!

Juga..aku maleh nak pikir pasal benda lain..rase cam takde mase/ruang nak pikir masalah2 orang lain..dan masalah2 yang tak penting. Everything is going plain....zzzzz... Maybe Ramadhan kott..tenang and steady.

Tapi aku teringatkan kat salah seorang "member" aku yang aku kenal kat hospital. (apakah??)
Hari tu ujan...kalau member aku yg sorang lagi tu tak kenalkan aku kat die, tak kenal la...ape lagi? Haha.. But..I hope she's doing well...

Selamat Berpuasa~Buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih. Yang buruk itu datang dari kelemahan kita sendiri dan yang baik itu datangnya daripada Allah s.w.t. Marilah perbanyakkan ibadat..

Wassalam wbt...

current issue!!


Laptop aku rosak wei!! Huhuhu..hari tu kena air hujan..cam dah kena rendam dalam air dah...
Tula..sape suruh tak tutup tingkat?? Skg sape yg susah? Aku jugak..huhu... Bayangkan duk kat mmu takde laptop/pc..mmg boring la..huwaaa.....

Sape ade nak recommend laptop murah ke...ape ke..bantuan anda amat dialu2kan..thanks!

^i CaRe aBOuT mY FRieNDs^

[aLOnEs] - aQUa TiMEz

Your fragile, folded wings
Are just tired from the pure blue sky
You don't have to force your smiles for anyone
It's okay to smile... for yourself

That lonely feeling keeps creeping up on me
A single candle still burns inside
There shouldn't be an expensive chandelier in a wild place like this
Can I really bury it all with empty words?
I don't even know anymore...

As long as we can swim freely in our dreams
We won't need that sky anymore
Even if you can't let go of the past
I'll still be there to meet you tomorrow

Your fragile, folded wings are just tired from the pure blue sky
You don't have to force your smiles for anyone
It's okay to smile... for yourself....

Download this song here

Dedicated to my FRIENDS and I, to think that friends are most valuable treasure, that we rely on them, and so they are. The fear of losing them arises as we confuse about ourselves in terms of searching the path in life, and that makes us do not appreciate them. Some of us having the attitude- being friends for certain intension/purposes on certain friends, but on the other hand, we never look at those friends who really care and concern about us. We forget, abandon, and most of all, we do not appreciate them. Just imagine it by your self...

ps: thanks 4 da editor..hehe

aBOuT bEinG NuMbeR TwO

Disaat ade assignment agama nak buat, dengan rajinnye aku menulis blog..ahaha~

It's not easy as we grown up..that we realize about what we are, whom we are and what we ought to be. My life have become "more-to-thinking" currently. What I realize is that my "level"..I mean my achievements and my limits are not happen as I wish for.

Here I'll explain..
As example...in sports. I'd claim myself to be a good player that has the will to success. In reality, football, hockey, badminton and what so on, I'll never become one of "successful" player. Some of my friends got good skills on certain games, but I got "skills" on many games. But the "skills" that I've got won't be enough to show everyone how good I'd become. The matter of this may happen due to lack of training and focus..maybe. But the problem won't settle easily as training and focus, the will of heart, the confession to beat the other players are also essential.
~aku tak berbakatkah? Atau aku tidak sesuai utk sesetengah sports?~

There are many other thing I would talk about..but the reason I post this blog is to just let some of u know about me - that I'm capable of doing anything..but the ability for me to that "those" everything always become to number two. Which mean what I have won't be sufficient enough to stand aside the "champions".

But, among of what happen in life such as sports, guitarist's, relationship, love, understanding, leadership, driving, eating, drinking, sleeping or even fishing (hahaha...) only two things that I believes everyone could be number one, that is education and religion. Cause both of it surely only depends on us - we chose whatever the path that we want ourself.

My 20's year! Alhamdulillah..


Aku dah naik demam sebab busy sangat minggu ni..mggu depan pon perkara same akan berlaku. Bak kate org..I'm running through busy time for this whole sem..tido? Ntah nak kate cukup ke tak. Mkn? Ntah okey ke tak..tapi yg pasti hari2 mengadap buku. Yela..as a student, mmg busy..Skg ni ape boleh buat ialah - bertahan,berusaha,bertawakkal.. insyALLAH. :)

Hmm...sebenarnye akhir2 ni, aku semakin elok dari bab2 belajar ni. Nak tahu camne?? Senang je..buang yg keruh amik yg jernih, dlm erti kate lain, fokus memainkan peranan penting dalam mencapai sesuatu.. Aku ingat lagi kate2 penceramah mane ntah..lupe dah..hehe.. die kate "sebab utama kite tidak mencapai yang kite hajati. ialah kerana kite banyak sangat fokus...yakni fokus utk mendapat lebih daripada satu perkara dlm satu mase.." Sebenarnye..mmg la kite ade macam2 target. Nak itu la..inilah..tapi bile kite realize the most important target(sepatutnye ade satu je), kite akan berjaya mencapai target2 yang lain..kan?kan?tak caye? Btol tak caye? Ish..nak kene sekeh ngan aku ka? Haha..takdela.. Camni ar..cube korang praktikkan dlm idop korang.. cube2..

Hurm...ni aku nak tujukan kepada salah seorang member aku... Okayla..Sorry bebanyak...Bukan merajuk atau dah lupe..I'm still the same..cume dah letih layan karenah diri sendiri yg khayal2 ni..yela..pikiran2 yg dulu masih menghantui(u know about it already la.....) and I've learned byk bende dlm mendewasakan diri. Sesuatu yg kite semua belajar jugak... belajar dari kesilapan diri sendiri. Belajar mengerti nilai sebuah persahabatan, mengerti maksud persabatan dan menjaga sesebuah persahabatan. Tidak lupe jugak memahami "instinct" diri sendiri dan "instinct" org di lain..and the precious ever is learn to love ur self first before loving someone...

Oi!oooo..ya oi!Hari ni besday aku wei! Hahaha.. Huhu..sedihnye..takde sape nak wish..hua..hua..

p/s: ayatku berbelit2 ka?Hahaha...gomenasai!


I got this from a friend...thanks!!I hope kite akan sentiasa spt yg digambarkan di bawah...

Saat kau senyum dan ketawa, fikirlah walau sesaat tentang sahabatmu. Barangkali saat dan ketika kau menikmati keindahan langit biru, hatinya sedang terluka dan diselubungi awan mendung. Setelah kau sedari betapa bernilainya dirimu kepadanya, janganlah kau tinggalkannya sendirian.Tika sahabat melukai hatimu, tulislah ia di atas pasir, biar angin kemaafan menghembus membawa bersama kelukaanmu itu. Sebaliknya tika sahabat membuat kebaikan padamu, maka tulislah ia di atas batu hatimu agar terpahat utuh walau dilanda badai...."bila menjalin ukhuwwah hanya keranaNya pasti ada ujian dariNya kerana Dia mahu melihat sejauh mana keikhlasan hati hamba2Nya"

ps/:apply to all my friends..whatever u are, whenever u are, whoever u are.. :D

We aLwaYS haS a chOiCE

I still remember the story line of my favorite movie "Spiderman"...

And as u all guys/gals may know(as if u had watched it), Peter Parker who is the main character involve in triangle love between Mary Jane(M.J) and Harry Osborn. Since high school, Harry Osborn fall in love with M.J but M.J doesn't really like him until she meet spiderman(Peter Parker). The stories continues... the secrets reviled and in the end, Parker gets the most precious treasure in his life - to be with M.J.

What interesting in this movie is; of course the cinematic, story line, sound effect and so what ever.. but another interesting part is in each episode, at the end of it there must be a "phase" to be think about. Such as in the Spiderman 3 - "we always have a choice in whatever decision we may take". About Parker.....that still love M.J. till the end is also interesting...the complication between them..the joy..and the sad part......

This movie gives me a lot of inspiration.. it also make me want to say to someone, who might read this blog. I want to say that-

the past is not the future
but the past is not to forget
so there's not need to be in pain
grab your opportunity ahead
open up your mind, your eyes
if i could stand with you, let me be
but i know of all the "past"

Try this awesome Spiderman-3 website here. *wink*

ps/: i wrote down this seriously

i'm sad..why?


friend are angels..
a true friends are the who who touch your heart..
great friends always forgiven..
friends are meant to be appriciated..
if u broke ur friends heart, u broke u too..

akhir2 ni aku sering menghayati makna "friends". Mmg benar kata org, kawan bile senang mmg ramai..tapi bile sedih gak, sapelah yg nak dengar? Kite hidup kat dunia ni saling memerlukan. Sesiapa yg boleh berdikari tanpa org lain adalah "unik tahap cipan".

Saling mamaafkan. Itulah sahabat yang terbaik. Mungkin kita tak sengaja melukakan hatinye, atau mgkn jg sengaja..tp bagi seorang sahabat, andai yg berlaku itu adalah kelemahannye dan kelemahan kita sendiri, forgiven bukan lah satu masalah.

Bersahabat biar beribu..lagi ramai lagi happy idup kite. Tapi diantara sahabat2 yg kite kenali tu, sape yg betol2 iklas bersahabat? Mmg susah nak kite teka..tp bile kite realised, appreciate it.
Dan org kata, takkan wujud persefaham kalo kite tak jugak memahami org len. Betol...mmg betol. Jadi, same2 lah kite menjadikan dunia ni tempat yg penuh ngan kasih sayang~


oAsiS- don't look back in anger~

Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger(ViDeO)

G Cadd G Cadd

C G Am
Slip inside the eye of your mind
Don't you know you might find
C Am G
A better place to play
C G Am
You said that you've never been
But all the things that you've seen
C Am G
They slowly fade away

F Fm C
So I'll start a revolution from my bed
F Fm C
''cause you said the brains I had went to my head
F Fm C
Step outside, summertime's in bloom
Stand up beside the fireplace
Take that look from off your face
Am G2 F G
You ain't ever gonna burn my heart out

C G Am
And so, Sally can wait
Em F G C Am G
She knows it's too late as we're walking on by
C G Am
Her soul slides away
But don't look back in anger
C G Am E F G C Am G
I heard you say

C G Am
Take me to the place where you go
E F G C Am G
Where nobody knows if it's night or day
C G Am
Please don't put your life in the hands
Of a rock and roll band
C Am G
Who'll throw it all away

F Fm C
I'm gonna start a revolution from my bed
F Fm C
''cause you said the brains I had went to my head
F Fm C
Step outside, ''cause summertime's in bloom
Stand up beside the fireplace
Take that look from off your face
Am G2 F G
''cause you ain't ever gonna burn my heart out

But don't look back in anger
Don't look back in anger
I heard you say
G Am E F G C
At least not today.....

Simple to play isn't? Hehe..just take a few minutes to figure out the strumming pattern, then u can play it soon! If u got song u like to hear in acoustic version, tell me..I'll try to learn and play it..maybe..hehehe. ;p

Of da ROmaNCes sKieS

~Love is always wonderful~
~Happy and unforgettable moment are the mix of it~
~Don't forget the bitter and sad part~
~That's why love is romance~

~Being romantic is remembering it for the rest of your life~
~Being romantic is being reckless~
~Being adventurous, being unrealistic~
~And not being serious~

~Woman are like the whole world to know~
~That a man would shed all dignity for her~
~And love her with all his heart~


Rebah..macam budak2 men bola

Huh..malam ni..nak mencoret sket(betol ke ayat ni?)..hehehe..

Baru je lps mandi..tadi men futsal. Dapat "calar" sket kata azmin. Sikit je..tp pedih ar. Biase la.. Tapi luka sket ni remind aku pasal injured aku yg lepas. Ditempat yg sama..pada waktu yg sama.. pergelangan kaki kiri aku terseliuh. Pegi cek kat ospital, doc kata ligamen maybe koyak sket.. sket??Huhuhuhu...sket pon, kalo tak jaga makin teruk beb! Aku pon "retired" la lame2 sket pastu dr men aktiviti cergas. Huuhh...

Tadi, luka sket ni, menyedaqkan aku, kene hati2 sket men futsal dan ape2 pon. Sbb kang tak pasal2 sebelah kanan lak. Mcm iklan petronas, "aku sepak kang!". Huhuhu...tapi aku nak men hoki balik! Huwaa... Takpe, men la...tp kena jaga sket. Orait! Hehehe..

Sekarang ni musim panas, mood aku pon cepat panas. Kadang2 rasa malas, kadang2 rajin. Pegi kelas mmg rajin...bole fokus, tp bile mlm, kate nak study, tak jadi la pulak. Hmm...apela aku ni ye? Ape nak jadi? Sem ni agak mencabarla bagi aku..dahla amik 6 subjek. Pointer kene naik. Kalo tak score, susah la. Setakat ni, aku nampak sume subjek okey je. Bole catch up la..tp yg jadi masalahnye, time nak ulangkaji. Malas beb...ade je pikir bende len nak buat. Sape bole kasi nasihat?? Aku belanje roti pisang..hehehe..


Bola Sepak?Malaysia??

Malaysia kalah ngan China??1-5???What a..

Aku rase tak patutla..kat kandang sendiri lak tu. Gi tanam sayor la!! Kesian kat supporter...beli tiket yg tak "berbaloi". Bilalah nak berubah?? Ranking dunia dah no 144..yg terbaik prnh capai 76. Jauh beb! Huhuhu...

Jepun, yg bangkit dr kejatuhan, membina negaranya semula, dari segala2nye sampailah kebidang sukan..bola sepak. Dan seiring dengan pembangunan2 ini..ade satu "sumber" yg memangkin perkembangannya...iaitu moral. Moral Jepun ternyata hebat..sampai ke bola sepak. Kita? Moral rendah...adakah ini menunjukkan pembangunan yg kita capai selama ini membuatkan moral kita semakin rendah??Bangunlah Malaysia...

Karam Singh Wallia melaporkan utk blog Amad....hik3

"old crush"

Today...i saw my old "crush"..hahaha..

Judging from her face, I could say that she's happy wif her "boyot"...
Tapi tu yang dah lepas laa..ape nak pikir lagik??Gwe sudey bisa utk tidak memikirkannya lagik..meski pun terkadang gwe maseh ingat akan dia.Huhuhu..

No comment about it anymore...live the life to the fullest beb!

me and her?me and book?

1)Who do u want to meet?
-someone simple...

2)Are trying to court somebody?
-haha!noup at all..maybe

3)What make a relationship bitter?
-she think I couldn't understand her

4)What r your aiming right now?
-study n get good pointer

5)A perfect word?
-Live the life to the fullest!

6)Missing someone?
-not really

7)Favourite song right now?
-only hope;switchfoot

8)Waiting 4 someone to sms u?
-yup..if i didn't receive it, it's okay

9)Love and study,which would u forget?
-both equally important, but study comes first

10)Pretty girl for you?
-yah!why not??hehe..

11)U think yourself?
-simple...but easy to be hurt

12)She's rich?
-no comment

13)She's shorter than u?
-yes,i prefer that

14)What do u want to do right now?
-study..n sleep

15)Your hope right now?
-don't take what I've wrote above too deeply

-tata semua....study elok2 ye?hehehe..


"if u ever make a promise, don't break it"
"you'll know how it feels when someone did it to you"

Tonight, i remember a lots of "broken promises". Don't wanna think bout it..but the pain it feels is so so bitter. Especially when u r really2 ready to fulfill the promise but in the end, the other party cancel it out at the last2 minute. Oh..crab..

U know how it feels??Yeah..disappointed, upset, anger and sad. 4 me, too too many broken promises happen in my life with a lots and vary of people. But the most saddest thing is with someone I admire...maybe..

FIFA 2007..huhuhu..

Main FIFA(football) 2007 online mmg best! Bakat "diuji" akhirnye..kate orang la.. Jadi kepade sesaper yg minat men FIFA 07 lagik, bgtau je aku. Akan aku aturkan match2nye. Huahahaha...
Dah pon 3 kali aku p main ngan member2 aku. Brape match ye? Erm..9 match! Aha! Kalo tak silap, berikot adalah keputusan2 nye..huhuhu..

1)Amad(2) VS Azmin(1)
2)Amad(2) VS Azmin(0)
3)Amad(4) VS Azmin(4)
4)Amad(1) VS Sapik(3)
5)Amad(3) VS Sapik(6)
6)Amad(0) VS Ubi(1)
7)Amad(1) VS Sipot(7)
8)Amad(1) VS Sepul(2)
9)Amad(4) VS Apol(3)

Hahaha..result yg kurang memberangsangkan buat pemain2 FIFA 07. Huhuhu..tapi yang penting kite happy! Kalo menang itu satu bonus, tapi at least kite luang mase ngan member2. So, pasni bile nak main lagik?Hehehe..My favourite team is Arsenal. Bcoz Henry is there! And I love France FC. Tapi skg ni Henry dah pindah ke Barca...huhuhu..apela naseb Arsenal. What ever pon, aku agak "tersimpang" sikit sekarang. Datang sini nak belajar wei! Nanti mak pulas telinga kang menangis lak. Hahahaha..Jadik, kepada korang sume, jangan la malas2. Study la elok2. 4 da sake of ur future too.


Mase aku kecik??

Tanggal 19 Ogos 1987, lahirlah seorang perwira yang gagah perkasa lagi bijak sana di suatu tempat yang dinamakan...Kuala Terengganu. Orang tu tak lain tak bukan...ialah Amad. Mwahahaha..hehe..

Kali ni nak citer pasal aku kecik2 dulu. Ma hometown ialah kampung ye. Bukan bandar. Sekolah rendah paling best nak citer. Kat sekolah rendah dulu, aku mmg dah ramai org knal sblm masuk darjah satu lagik.Hah?Macam mane tu?Hurm..sbb ayah aku guru(tak same sekolah ngan aku) dan ade ramai kenalan(guru2 sekolah lain), aku dikenali lbh2 lagi para guru sekalian. Hehehe..tp tak best pon. Bkn ade ape. Dari darjah satu lagik, aku dah belajaq btol2. Tapi tak nah pon dpt no 1; satu anugerah yg biasenye diidam2kan oleh murid2. Huhuhu...UPSR pun aku tak dpt 5A. Hehe.. kantoi gak. Tapi aku sentiase je konsisten..iaitu if I'm not the first, so let me be the second. Hehehe...

Time aku sekolah tu, ade satu cite2 aku. Nak tahu? Aku nak naik basikal ke sekolah. Wuhuu! Tapi mak aku tak kasi..huhu. Naik je van sekolah. Tapi start aku darjah 5, baru mak aku kasi.. Hah, ape lagik? Habih basikal aku aku kobek(dlm loghat terengganu a.k.a. modified). Akunyer basikal ialah basikal org tue je..yg ade bakul kat depan pastu tempat duduk kat belakang. Tapi aku letak tanduk( pemegang tambahan utk pelumba basikal) dan tukar abis la sume bende ke "aloi". Hahaha...lawak lak rasenye. Dah jadi sengal basikal aku akhirnye...huahahaha. Tapi ngan basikal itulah aku belh g jenjalan. Weee~

Mandi kolam? Mengail ikan? Main buah getah(nanti aku citer)? Sume aku buat. Even, masuk dlm hutan pon ade... Yang len lak, ade satu hari tu, aku pegi mandi kat sungai sambil kutip otok2(ntah nak panggil ape). Balik umah, mak aku tya aku g mane. Macam2 alasan aku kasi, hujan la...main air kat rumah member la..hehehe. Jahat jugak aku ye? Hah..erm..korang tahu tak buah getah tu ape? Kalo tak tau, buah getah tu besar die macam biji buah salad..besa duit syiling 50 sen. Kulit die keras. Tapi dalam die lembut. Ape yg menariknye, kami jadikan bende tu mainan. Macam mane? Erm..mula2 ko letak buah getah member ko bawah buah getah ko. Pastu, ko hentak ngan tangan ko sendiri. Kalo buah getah member ko pecah, ko menang! Dan begitulah sebaliknye. Habis bersepah kulit2 buah tu..kat sekolah pon kami mainnn..kesian kat tukang sapu sampah. Huahahahaha..kenakalan ketika kecik.

Aku pon main wau. Takkan tak kenal wau kot..alaa..yg macam layang2 tu. Tp bentuk die lain sket. Ade wau bulan, wau kucing, wau apetah lagi..byk jenis gak la. Best woo main. Lepas musim menuai padi, ade je bunyi2 kat langit(bunyi istimewa yg dibuat menggunakan tali dan diletakkan dikepala wau). Dan macam2 lagilah..

Lepak rumah member...merayap kesitu sini, main bola. Tapi macam mane ngan anak2 gadis? Hehehe..kecik lagi beb. Bende2 ni takde apela..tapi ade gak la usha2. Hahahaha...

Zaman sekarang sudah berubah. Zaman teknologi katanye. Budak2 zaman skg tak lagi dpt rase mandi sungai ke..mengail ngan member ke..merayap situ sini ke..ape2 lagilah yg "kampung2" sket. Yela..mak bapak sume nak yg terbaik..seiring ngan wawasan sekarang. Budak2 zaman sekarang, kecik2 dah tahu bende2 berkaitan pc. Kadang2 ble kite main game, kalah ngan diorang. Walawei....Tapi bisakah bende2 ni dilupakan? Culture is what make us different. Kite tak leh lupekan adat resam kite. Zaman semakin maju. Zaman sebelum atuk nenek kite pon lebih sukar. Sebelum zaman diorang pon lebih sukar..zaman nenek moyang dulu2. Tapi dengan teknologi, manusia akan mendapat perkara2 yg baik..seiring dengan perkara2 yang buruk.

So..tu jelah aku nak citer. Kegilaan dan kenakalan ketika aku masih kecik...hehehehehehe.

Wind..wind..blow this mess away

My mood now is letih, byk bende nak bgtau dan people keep asking me about relationship.
Tapi aku rase macam ape yg org selalu cakap la..sindrom 20-an.Hahahaha!Adakah ini teori atau benar?Atau adakah ini secara kebetulan?Huhuhu..agar sukar aku menjelaskannye..

Have u ever feel like suddenly u fall 4 someone?But in the end, u realize that it was a joke?I mean it was something that would never happen btwn u n her/him coz of many reason?Or in other words,kamu sedang berkhayal??Nah..that is something would happen with or without concern.

Of the famous words, "it takes no time to fall in love, but it take years to know what love is".
Ye..betolkan?Sbb tu, ikot kata org melayu pulak, "kalau ada jodoh tak kemana tipah oii".Hehehe..
So, ape yg aku nak berpesan2 kepada kamu semua skg ialah, buat ape yg korang suka asal korang bahagia!Yeepiii!!

Somes stupid products...whatever

1)On a blanket from Taiwan

2)On a helmet mounted mirror used by US cyclists

3)On a New Zealand insect spray

4)In some countries, on the bottom of Coke bottles

5)On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert
(printed on bottom of the box)

6)On an American Airlines packet of nuts

7)On a child's superman costume

8)On packaging for a Rowenta iron

9)On a Taiwanese shampoo

10)On a bar of Dial soap

What goes around comes around

Anak2, pakcik nak berpesan ni..

Sekarang pakcik dah gamma year beb!Pakcik ade 3 tahun lagi la..campuq tahun ni.Mano pakcik nak keje nnt ye?Kat Ferrari nye factory kot..tak pon kat Japan nye company.Wah!Tinggi cite2.Hehehe.Impian kene tinggi beb. Tak gitu? Tapi setanding ngan impian yg tinggi tu, ade beberapo perkaro pakcik nak pesan la..dari past2 experience pakcik. Terutamanye di MMU(man of manchester utd..hahaha) nih.

  1. Pakcik akuilah.. dulu mmg byk pakcik skip kelas. Ape nak jadi. Last2 sbb atas "kesilapan kecil" time sem lepas, pakcik keno bar. Huhu..remarks yg teruk disitu...Jangan tiru ye anak2..huhu..
  2. Kalo pegi kelas setakat nak penuh attendance takleh gak. Cubalah paham ape yg lecture ajar tu. Tak paham pon, nnt balik umah buat revision. Sekurang2nye ade gak ko ingat2. Kelebihannye, bile time exam, tak pening2 dan pressure2.
  3. Ikut kata pakcik ni anak2...1,2,3... azam, usaha, tawakkal. Haaa..takyah explain, korang bleh paham sendiri.
Itu saje yg pakcik rase nak cakap. Harap2 anak2 amik iktibar ye? Kalo ade nak cakap ape2, dipersilakan.. Okeylah, Raju dah panggil pakcik g pekena roti telor kat kedai. Teh tarik pon ado skali..uih..sodapp..tata.