i gave her a "present" the last time we went out

~the stars are so bright that I can't even see it~

This past days, aku realise a thing. Sesuatu yg aku tak mampu memilikinya. Mungkin aku ada chance, tapi chance tu mungkin tipis. Chance ape yek?

What would I say? When u found out the person that u admire, won't think the same way as u bcoz they already liking someone?Campur lebih teruk lagi bile kite kadang2 kuar ngan die tp the words won't come out. Sbb pa? Judging from their eyes and their words, kite rase kite tak layak menyatakannye..sometimes u'll feel like that. Isn't?


Cik kEChiks said...

ye.. i feel the same way~ can't afford it maybe..

::aMaD:: said...

oh.ini entry lame cik kicap.hihihi.
what is the thing that u can't afford to?