it's not just a memories, but the present...

"To fall for someone is easy but to forget it is not easy"

In this life, someone that maybe u like could be anywhere. They could be to liking u back and maybe not. But the damn thing is that, u and that person never know if both like each other. In the end, as time goes by, the chance is decrease...and u or him/her may waste a good thing that could happen in ur life.

If u ever liking someone, don't let him/her confused of their feelings. By what? U had said beautiful words and share great time with them. But, in reality, u never said that u like them... u had made him/her confused! They might think that they almost got u, but by all thoughts and "evidence" they found, they confused as if u will like them back.

So, the conclusion is, never let someone confused. If u like them, give them a chance and space in ur life. If u don't, declare it softly in understandable words. Sometimes words could be sharper than a knife.

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