We aLwaYS haS a chOiCE

I still remember the story line of my favorite movie "Spiderman"...

And as u all guys/gals may know(as if u had watched it), Peter Parker who is the main character involve in triangle love between Mary Jane(M.J) and Harry Osborn. Since high school, Harry Osborn fall in love with M.J but M.J doesn't really like him until she meet spiderman(Peter Parker). The stories continues... the secrets reviled and in the end, Parker gets the most precious treasure in his life - to be with M.J.

What interesting in this movie is; of course the cinematic, story line, sound effect and so what ever.. but another interesting part is in each episode, at the end of it there must be a "phase" to be think about. Such as in the Spiderman 3 - "we always have a choice in whatever decision we may take". About Parker.....that still love M.J. till the end is also interesting...the complication between them..the joy..and the sad part......

This movie gives me a lot of inspiration.. it also make me want to say to someone, who might read this blog. I want to say that-

the past is not the future
but the past is not to forget
so there's not need to be in pain
grab your opportunity ahead
open up your mind, your eyes
if i could stand with you, let me be
but i know of all the "past"

Try this awesome Spiderman-3 website here. *wink*

ps/: i wrote down this seriously

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