aBOuT bEinG NuMbeR TwO

Disaat ade assignment agama nak buat, dengan rajinnye aku menulis blog..ahaha~

It's not easy as we grown up..that we realize about what we are, whom we are and what we ought to be. My life have become "more-to-thinking" currently. What I realize is that my "level"..I mean my achievements and my limits are not happen as I wish for.

Here I'll explain..
As example...in sports. I'd claim myself to be a good player that has the will to success. In reality, football, hockey, badminton and what so on, I'll never become one of "successful" player. Some of my friends got good skills on certain games, but I got "skills" on many games. But the "skills" that I've got won't be enough to show everyone how good I'd become. The matter of this may happen due to lack of training and focus..maybe. But the problem won't settle easily as training and focus, the will of heart, the confession to beat the other players are also essential.
~aku tak berbakatkah? Atau aku tidak sesuai utk sesetengah sports?~

There are many other thing I would talk about..but the reason I post this blog is to just let some of u know about me - that I'm capable of doing anything..but the ability for me to that "those" everything always become to number two. Which mean what I have won't be sufficient enough to stand aside the "champions".

But, among of what happen in life such as sports, guitarist's, relationship, love, understanding, leadership, driving, eating, drinking, sleeping or even fishing (hahaha...) only two things that I believes everyone could be number one, that is education and religion. Cause both of it surely only depends on us - we chose whatever the path that we want ourself.

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