Recently, I've been thinking what I'm gonna be in the next five years? Until now, I realize that the prospect of my career is getting clear and clearer as I grow "older" in my majoring - mechanical engineering. Well,

Seeing is believing.
Hearing is trusting.
Thinking is understanding.
Speaking is wanting.
In the end, the decision is to be set.

And above all my thinking, my dream job is to be one of the designer or upgrades team of one of the most successful automobile company - Ferrari. Hah! Why not dreaming a fantastic job right?

Now we got all the way to go until we'll graduate. And at that moment, parting with friends would be the most saddest thing in the world. That's why, besides from planning for the future, you know that friends are someone you'll never forget. So, what would happen now is just the memories of your old days. Love you friends, care them, cherish them and walk side by side with them towards the successfulness in the future. Kon!


~rukia_chan said...

The moment may have ended, but the memories will last forever. After graduating, each of us will walk separately in our own path.

But it's okay, I've learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. No matter where we go, the friendship will remain jika kita berikhwan krn Tuhan!! =)

p/s : wishing u all the best in ur future undertakings!

.::aMaD::. said...

Yes,people tend to miss something when it's gone,but never appreciate it while it still there.

Friendship will remain jika kita berikhwan krn Tuhan?

tapi sejauh manakah sahabat2 kita sekarang yg benar2 iklas "walk side by side" with us?dan sejauh manakah pula kita menghargai mereka?

--appreciate is the mean of friendship--