what BOOK cannot TEACH

As life continues, I've learn some values of life that could be interpreted as above:

Some people do have sensitive feelings, that they need to rely on someone who are stronger than them. Those sensitive feelings are something like - easy to be hurt and so on. But when the person they are rely on, hate them because they do show their sensitiveness (u know what I mean), they'll hurt of course. And then come words like this "I am who I am to be, if u don't like me, don't care about me then", that should be heard by the stronger person. In the end, a friendship may had broken.

Friendship are not like write a name with a pencil and then u can easily erase it. It's more than that!

People, we are tougher when we sit among our friends. Aren't we? Ever felt lonely and miserable when u are alone? If u ever felt that way, then that is the feeling of your friend when u left them. Sometimes, it's quite hard to understand someone feelings. But it is more harder than not trying to understand anything about them.

We always say good things like " friends are angels" , " world is like hell without friends" or " I'll never forget things we share together, friend". But, do that wonderful words really meant for you? If you don't meant it, then don't just say! A good friendship will always understand and needing each other. Not just need when needed - a.k.a. pakai dan buang.

Words are sharper than a blade. Don't simply say something to your friends! If u don't be careful, you'll hurt them. And don't be too choosy, don't be too arrogant, don't be too loud of your self. Every where you go, there are a lots of people willingly to be your mates with or without a reason. So, just make friends with them!

Friends, you and me.
You brought another friend.
And then there were 3.
We started our group.
Our circle of friends.
And like that circle.
There is no beginning or end.

Friendship based on love, love based on friendship. So let's spread out love to the world. wide Let we live in harmony! Peace!!


Anonymous said...

why suddenly??
friendship will neva end, that is for sure
if u r hurted by friends, then let them know...
nobody is perfect

-Yun Chan-

~rukia_chan said...

sometimes ppl around us may hurt us unintentionally without noticing it, and so do us.
dat's why we need to be more sensitive and aware to the situation accordingly.

without humor, life is sucks
without courage, life is hard
without love, life is hopeless without friendship, life is meaningless.

seorg alim pernah berkata, "hargailah sahabat selagi terasa dia bererti.." [renungkan]

.::aMaD::. said...

thanks 4 this words:

-if u r hurted by friends, then let them know,nobody is perfect.

-hargailah sahabat selagi terasa dia bererti.

Spread LOVE to the WORLD!

PEACE! (^____^)