oh dreams..

If u are given 3 wishes that will surely be granted, and what could it be?

I want...

1 - A never ending smiling and joyful life

2 - Someone that would always be there for me. And in return I would be there for her/him.

3 - Love that spread to the world and bringing peace..


ShOoT_mE said...

kalo 3 wish yer...
aku nk:
1. Aku nk hidup happily ever after with someone that I love..
2. i want to go to the heaven.. =)
3. Aku nk yg ko wish tu jd aku nyer wish.. (hehehe.. bijak x aku)

~rukia_chan said...

kalo aku la kan.. above all wishes, first skali aku nk wish for a GOOD HEALTH. GOOD HEALTH is the root of all happiness including- never ending smile, joyful life etc..

pd aku, xde hidup 'happily ever after' kalo kita sakit, sbb kita akan menyebabkan org yg kita syg rasa sedey n sgsara dlm hati melihat keadaan kita yg sakit. Bravely they smile for us, but silently they cry..who knows??

pastu kalo pndek umor sbb sakit, org yg kte syg tuh tggl sensorg, x pon dia cr laen.. kan? kan? x best ah cmtuh..huhu

2nd wish- ingin melihat org2 yg aku syg bahagia. dgn melihat mereka bahagia akan mmbuat kita rasa bahagia juga. =)

3rd wish- x sure lg..hehe

p/s: may all ur wishes come true!! *wink

.::aMaD::. said...

and santa amad-kun datang..


semoga all of ur wishes come true.


coz everyone had their own pandangan dan pendapat 4 what they really2 wanted in their life, so we all will dream different things..

and i hope all of that would just come true..could it be?? oh..star..