+the TRUTH of YOU to ME +

Right now

I felt the emptiness inside my heart
That should be fill with "ai"
Maybe a dream...
At least that what I feel

My life continues

When I'm thinking of it
I try to look on the bright side
I want to explain everything
But I wish that u could understand

The time is quite right

Ahh... I badly had tell u
The secret that I really2 had to tell
Maybe it is not in a well manner
But I manage to give the best
So u know..

What left now
Is for what would happen next
What my life and yours will turn to
But I'm not wishing for worse thing
And I'd make my promise
That I'll wait..

1 comment:

~rukia_chan said...

whoa.. sgt puitis+jiwang entry kali ni..hehe

To love someone is something. To be loved by someone is something else. But to be loved by the person you love is everything.

Just wait n see.. true love will always know its way back.. =)

p/s : Surrender your pure heart to Him, and He will give you to the RIGHT person you DESERVE. =)