+UnPR3DiCTabLE LoVe+

There's a pain in my chest
For waiting to say a word to you

But every time I want to pronounce it

I think a lot of things

What are your thinking about me

The others thinking
And the future

I really want to tell u something
I gotta be brave and good
But u seems wont listen to me if I dare to speak
Because I believe u will tell me something
Something that might hurt me the most
That I would never wanna hear it

Life goes on
We had spend many time together

And it seems it will continues like that

But we go different path

And in the end I just hope

That we'll bound together

Now, I might take a step forward
When the time is right I'll tell u
But the important is
I don't wanna think about anything else
Including what would happen next
Because that I named
+unPReDiCTaBLe LoVe+

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~rukia_chan said...

to : amad_san
[buat renungan]

WaT PeOpLe KnOw:
~LoVe is beautiful
~LoVe is wonderful
~LoVe can give someone butterfly

WaT people Don'T ReALiSe:
~ love is pain when both of us just keep our feelings without letting the one we love know, and
he or she let someone else to have u.
~ love is pain when we find out the person that we love just shut his mouth from telling us he/she love us.

p/s: love is PaIn wHeN u cAnT Get rId oF ThE PaIn