I'm a "houki boshi" (^.~)

I wish that I am a comet..hahaha! Fly freely throughout the skies with freedom. Hee..fly, fly! :D

Houki Boshi(Comet)

Alone, I looked towards the sky and saw a comet,
Although the burst suddenly vanished in a moment.
My heart becomes hurt with thoughts of you,
Right now I want to be with you, but I can't leap the skies so...

Maybe if I could become a comet,
I could leap through the skies to you.
Whatever kind of tomorrow comes, since a comet is always unbreakable,
This feeling is strong.

I don't like it when it rains. When it was dimmed out,
I remember what you said, even now.
"In the night sky, after the rain, beautifully, the stars appear."
Considering that, I've come to like the rain too...

Maybe if I could become a comet,
The overflowing light will fall,
So whenever times are sad, the you who looks to the night sky
Will come to smile and, like the comet, want to shine more.

Why are you always fighting with on your own?
Being by your side is something I can't do but...

Maybe if I could become a comet,
I could leap through the skies to you.
Surely, without fail I'd reach you in this moment of light
And your now illuminated sky will revolve.
If I could become a comet,
Surely, I would rise by your side,
Whenever the time.

This nice "shinning song" is the song taken from Bleach ED song. No more to be expected. Hehe.. from Younha - Houki Boshi. Lala~


~rukia_chan said...

hmm.. nk jadi comet ye?? hehe

aku lak nk jadi hujan.. i wish if i could be the rain..
membasahi bumi.. dan menyegarkan hati yg kusam.. (ayat sastera..haha)

p/s : gd luck for new sem.. fighting!!!

little star said...

this one is for amad...
dengar la...(even suare die x menarik sgt)
lagu favorite sy mse kecik2 dulu
n skarang juge...

::aMaD:: said...

ade tak comet yg comel?aku nak jadi yg tulah..hehehe.

litle star,
i couldn't hear it la..sini connection slow,but the lyrics seems good.arigatou!ngee~

star o star,grant me a wish to be a comet.hehe