Omsik!Aa..knape nih? Nak study pon takleh..
miss my hometown..huh..something that really irreplaceable.

i wanna have a peace of mind, see the clouds through my finger,
sleep with no worries
eat a lot and sedap! nyum2~
be a free willy~lalala.. nothing else matter...
i want that!

tired of facing same problems..
dealing with stress of a student
i want to forget this masalah2 yg bikin pening aja..huhu~
also, typical problem that i'd created..
lack of understanding of people surrounding me..

ahh..i want a break..
duk kampung gi wat kepok lekor lagi best.hak3..


~rukia_chan said...

jom blk mkn kopok lekor... kopok lekor mlaka x best..huh

hepi holiday..!!

Anonymous said...

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