Older = need to study more?

Everybody's changing. They follow their "yume" (dream).

Our heart must be more "stronger" than before.
Because before we are week.
Easily to be affected by surrounding.

It's simply we will think about this because are getting older.
I'm ALMOST 21. How about u?
At our stage, a small decision we make will give a big impact in the future.

Amigo! Let's chase our dreams together!

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We study. Not because it just the nature, I mean the recycle of life - need to study to get great grades then have a well job. It's about our obligation. Obligation towards our AGAMA. Furthermore man was born with "fitrah" to know something that when that man put a lot of effort into it, he/she will discover joy and truthfulness.

Study is fun!

When the feeling to study is greater than playing games, watching movie, etc, then the words "malas" won't exist.

U know what? The main problem of why Islamic world can't grow is - LAZY. And someone said that "How can Islam defeat their enemies if solat subuh berjemaah pun susah". Pikir2kanlah. Aku pun malas, tapi at least kita kena ade kesedaran utk bertukar kpd satu perkara yg lebih elok.

Let's make the world peace! Allahuakbar!

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