At last, this "most tiring" week had ended. Tensionlah! I got two midterms, two labs to attend and lastly today, the mock meeting session. What a busy week. Before this, don't ever wish to see me studying day and night at anyplace, yup anyplace, but due to those midterms, labs and mock meeting, u can wish it.

The main thing is - I'm very busy with the notes (of about 100 pages) of subject Energy Technologies. But a little bit disappointed because those "thick" notes doesn't really help me in the midterm because some of the answer were never exist in the notes! answer it, u just need to be more creative and have a good background about energy technologies..that's all. Then u can think "or create" the answer by yourself.

Mock meeting

- The good thing is I can learn some basic communication skills especially when attending a meeting. Besides that, we could know each of the members closely.

Some of my teammates are really fluent in speaking English, but not me, and we value that the mock meeting was fun! Glad we have make some preparation. If not - mengelabahlah. Hehehe..

But, after this could there be any meeting for me to attend? I mean in formal - wearing formal attire and everything will dealing with formality. Could there be? I don't really think so of many chances. Because I'm an ENGINEER. =)

My teammates for the mock meeting
From left: Wan,Kerol,Atad,me,Amir,Abu,Usop,and Saiful (taking the pic)

Well, life as a student is no more than to study. And, as long as we still breathing, we are students. Making mistakes, learning from fall..all of those is the mean of learning. Some quote says " Timbalah ilmu hingga ke negeri cina". So, let's do it guys! Let's go to china! Wachaa~! Hehe.. =p


~rukia_chan said...

" tuntutlah ilmu sampai ke negeri china"..

for your information, that is not a quote, actually it is one of the famous fake hadith a.k.a hadis palsu. it's juz that many ppl are not aware about it.[be careful next time]

tech comm is one of the subjects that i enjoyed the most..hehe probably it's bcoz u no need to memorise tonnes of formulas and calculations.. =p

p/s : ko baru g kat redang?aku time form 2 dulu..

::aMaD:: said...

ye kot.aku igt mcm hadith apetah..tak tau lak palsu ke ape.thanks 4 reminding.learn from mistakes..

mms best tech com.hehe.ko mesti dpt A kan?hehe..

tak gak redang,mgkn tioman ke..perhentian ke..kapas ke..tgh plan. =)