Life your life without regrets!

My dad said:
"Life is short, make full use of it.
So don't afraid to fall, you will win later."

My mom said:
"You got to aim to shoot the moon.
And even if you miss, you'll end it on the stars."

My best friend said:
"Make a wish, write it in a piece of paper, keep it in your wallet.
And when you forget it, read it back."

My motivator said:
"Hopes flies everywhere,
only the one who want it would dare to jump to catch it.
The one who never look to the sky to catch it, is the loser."

My teacher said:
"Sometimes there's a hope will never be granted.
It's simply because no effort to make it come true!"

I founded from the internet, and it said:
"Let's turn out the negative comment to positive one!
Never regrets what you have done, instead, try to improve it."

And I said to myself:
"No matter how many obstacles are ahead,
I definitely will overcome it!"


Anonymous said...

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~rukia_chan said...

"shoot for the moon, even if u fail, u will land among the stars"

yup.. agree with ur mom.. [walopon mak ko x speaking kan, ehe]

mak aku plak kata, "gantunglah cita2 setinggi langit, jika ia jatuh sekalipun, ia tidak akan jatuh terus ke tanah."

p/s : fighting!!