What I'm hoping right now is a freedom. Nothing else matter. Let's put it in an example:

I want to wake up with no alarm ringing in the morning. I'll wake when I feel I want to wake. Watch my favorite movies/dramas or playing games until I feel bored. Hanging out with friends without thinking about homework, assignment etc. Sleeps whenever I feel sleepy. Ahh..if that all just happen.

But it won't. At least until now. Doing assignments, finishing tutorials or even exams just fill all those "free time" of mine. You know how it feel? Tension!! Sometimes I just searching for some time to "lapangkan fikiran" but damn, too many work to be done!

Well, I'm not going to explain a life of a student. No need to say anything about it. We all know already la..

Although how busy I am, but I just feel comfortable. Doing all that "works" just okay. Just nothing to really tension about, although sometimes I do feel it. Maybe just boring do the same work.

Living life is to learn and experience. When learning something new, it makes us happier. Isn't?

Enough. Moe~

Let's talk about dreams.

Have you ever forget about your first dream when you entering university? How far that dream accomplished? Or you just forget it?

My first dream is I want to graduate as a successful student. As I said, life is about learning and experiencing, I want to know everything! Not only what book can teach, but the friendship, loving, leadership, sports and so on..I want to enjoy my youth!

And so, I took this phase - "Live your life to the fullest!". What's the mean of this phase (as I interpreted it) is you must treasure every single moment in your life that you think that moment will not repeat again with the same situations, emotions and thoughts that you have at that time. Knowing this, sad, happy, or whatever your feeling at that time, you will feel it - deeply inside of your heart thus you will remember it!

Fantasi boleh direalitikan~! Yeah!

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