It has been three years. Only two years left for me to finish up my study at this university. Hmm.. suddenly I remember my memories. The joy, sorrow I had here still remains in my mind. I came out of nothing, same as everyone. Then as times pass by, we changed. Whoever we are now, we must not forget that we was once freshies! But, we are growing. The past is a learning time. With all of that experience, we define a new life. As long as it "synchronizes" with our heart, we'll follow it.

Gladly, the path that I choose is not wrong, I mean must not ever be regretted. I am proud of being a mechanical student. I proud of being seen as a future engineer. I even planed my life for 5 years from now. Who knows, someday the one who invent your car is me! Wait and see. A right decision could change anything.

Now, I'm sitting on my chair, thinking about myself. Yup, the final exams are so close. But, come on, it's just an exam. It just an obstacles ahead that we must face. Would you think, time is so fast that just about two week from now, you are already at home! Enjoying your life without regrets again. But, exams are an important obstacles to face. We can't run. We must face it! Scare and worry huh? Thinking of hardness to pass? No, you can do it. You definitely can overcome it! Just believe in your self! I pray for myself and all of my friends..hope we are victorious!

p/s: Love is wonderful. That why I'm falling in love right now!

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~rukia_kuchiki said...

all the best for finals!!

p/s : bizi gila dlm 2 mggu nih ngan stadi.. huhu..fighting!!