Happy Birthday to....

19th August - my birthday

Happy belated birthday to myself..
Here I am. Sitting on my small blue chair...hoping for someone to wish me happy bithday. But as time past by, just several of them.. hampeh. It's not a bad day for me neither a good day for me. On this day, I'm not craving for a gift, but some where in my heart, I just wishing someone to remember my birthday..and that's just fine.

22th August - my girlfriend birthday

Happy birthday dear!
Glad to hear her voice in the midnight. But she's sleepy. Pity her..but I just can't get enough of her. I miss her..damn much.. Anybody, please tell her that I need her. Or perhaps I should just sleep, dreaming about her..hmmmm. Anyway, I wish her a happily,cherish life and to stay in healthy always. Saya sayang sama kamu. :)


To love...it needs trust
It require a heart that always remembering each other
When it sad, one will console it
When it happy, one will share it
In other words..
Love is two heart that tied together to shape a new heart
What ever feelings it has, they'll share

When deeply fall in love..
You will see your love face all over the places
Just like they are beside you..
You miss them..and need them..
And to believes in your lover
Will give you strength
To sacrifice, to be more good, to win everything

So when you fall in love
Appreciate it before they leave
Don't hurt them so you won't get hurt
Take care of them..
Open up your eyes, look into your heart
And the love them with all your heart
Your sincerest heart!