Happy Birthday to....

19th August - my birthday

Happy belated birthday to myself..
Here I am. Sitting on my small blue chair...hoping for someone to wish me happy bithday. But as time past by, just several of them.. hampeh. It's not a bad day for me neither a good day for me. On this day, I'm not craving for a gift, but some where in my heart, I just wishing someone to remember my birthday..and that's just fine.

22th August - my girlfriend birthday

Happy birthday dear!
Glad to hear her voice in the midnight. But she's sleepy. Pity her..but I just can't get enough of her. I miss her..damn much.. Anybody, please tell her that I need her. Or perhaps I should just sleep, dreaming about her..hmmmm. Anyway, I wish her a happily,cherish life and to stay in healthy always. Saya sayang sama kamu. :)

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