Five Stars!

Yo!I had just finished watching Bleach movie - Diamond Dust Rebellion.

Well, I really loves to watch this anime. Bleach is different from other animes. In Bleach the characters when fighting will use zanpaktou@katana@ken (sword) and their zanpaktou have names. The zanpaktou power is different with each other zanpaktou. There are two states of release of the zanpaktou that are; shikai (1st release) and bankai (2nd release). One who obtains bankai are so powerful. Besides that, in Bleach every characters has their own status. The higher the power they has, the higher status they has.

Bleach Diamond Dust Rebillion preview.

In this Bleach movie, the battle is mainly focus on Hitsugaya Toushiro (11th Captain) and his ex-classmate Kusaka Soujirou. They both used to be best friends until..

Kusaka and Hitsugaya seems to wield same zanpaktou - Hyourinmaru. And since the law of Soul Society permits that only one shinigami can yield one zanpaktou at a time, so they had executed Kusaka to let Hitsugaya to have the zanpaktou. Meanwhile, Kusaka manage to alive and try to revenge to the Soul Society. He had obtain the King's Key and gather an unstopable power.

So the fierce battle began to protect the Soul Society. All 13 Gotei Protection squad are assigned to that mission. The captains, vice-captains all together joining forces to eliminate the Soul Society enemy - Kusaka Soujirou. Below, "hot" oyaji (gramps), Madarame Ikkaku with his bankai, Kuchiki Byakuya with his annihilation (bankai) and Abarai Renji with his bankai.

And not forgetting the main character in Bleach - Kurosaki Ichigo & Kuchiki Rukia. Kurosaki with his bankai release and hollow transformation, Kuchiki Rukia with her zanpaktou release.

The battle was so chaos. It get to your nerves as you watch it (if you really love to watch Bleach). In the end, the battle is over. Kusaka lost in the battle. But the stories continues. And for Hitsugaya, Kusaka will always be his best ever friend.

For me, Bleach is not just an anime. The element of friendship is really common in this anime. It talks about what are friends? What are they meant to us? To fight together with them. To win together with them. To protect them. And true friends never fade..Umm..well, that is my short review on Bleach Diamond Dust Rebillion movie. You got to see it to believe it. And once you see it, I hope you like it same as I do. Good Luck guys! Waiting for next Bleach movie called - Fade to Black : I call Your Name. Perhaps Kuchiki Rukia will be the main focus in this movie. (^^)


~rukia_kuchiki said...

perghhh... gila ah sinopsys citer dia..mana ko kutip ni?
bunyi cm menarek..x sabar nk tgk..

p/s : aku nk tgk gak.. [hint..hint.. nk pinjam cd] =p

::aMaD:: said...

takde kutip2
wat sendiri lah!hehe

p/s:bak sini upah sket,baru bole pinjam =p

Ryfo said...

mula mula aku ingat dia nk betray sial huhu cita dia best terharu terharu skit

::aMaD:: said...

mmg bestla!
5 star performance!
rugi tak tgk =p