OpeN Up YouR MinD

Evening of 15th October 2008

It's a nice evening. Rain had just stop a while ago. The wind's cold. But it's fun! My final examination is finally put a dot today. No more exams, no more frustrating mood, no more tension! I'm now free! Yehaaa..endra andre~ hehe.

As the exams is over, the things to do now is pray for a good result. I hope I can at least reach my targeted pointer this trimester. But the most important thing is to pass! What the.. Whatever it is, let us pray to Him, with humble and istiqamah. May our results are good. Ameen.

Time to have a peace of mind for 3 weeks. Before having a "war" of mind later.

Friends! I want to be a superman! Need any help? Just roger2 okay? Hehe. See ya~

To my love, I miss u so much..


~rukia_kuchiki said...

weh..mana aci!! aku x abes exam lg.. ada lg satu paper hr sabtu ni..huhu

papepon, let's pray for da best!

p/s : selamat hari raya!!

::aMaD:: said...

aku balik dulu!

sape suruh exam ko abes lwt2.hehe

camat ari raye!

ShOoT_mE said...

perghhh, blk x tunggu member..
mcm ni la..
cuti ni ko wat pe?

::aMaD:: said...

tolong mak masak,kemas rumah
pegi kedai bile ayah suruh
jage anak sedare

wafaa~:) said...

perghhh..mne aci xm abes awl!!
ari sabtu sy ade xm lg..
lmenye nk tungg:P
doakn sy dan rakan2 yep..
lps xm nk g open house byk2..
atoOk tamau wat open hOusekah??
slamat b'cOti..
jgn maen mercun:P

Litt[L]E`StAr said...

saye exam pon x stat lagi~
ade org da hepi hepi bsuke rie
x aci x aci!!!

::aMaD:: said...

apehal sume ni dengki aku dah abes exam?taula korang nye tak abes lagi.

p/s:time aku tulis ni,mesti korang dah cuti kan?neway..heppy holiday!
org yg kat usm tu xleh cuti lagi =p