Hi Everyone!

Last week I attended the beach training for my Taekwondo class (co-curriculum class).
The training will not make you fell tired, but it make you feel the pain at the whole of your body.

One of the things we've done are learning to fall ahead and backward. You stand straight, then you fall by your both hand protect your face and body. The impact is on your both hand. As we do it on "pasir", many of our hands became "merah" already and feel pain in the bone. But that's for learning purpose, so we got to do that. Many more practice had been done by us. At the end of the training session, many of us "die" already..ahhh..so painful!

Below are some part of the training. Hehehe..

Beside learning to fall, we also learn something like what the picture above show. The truth is, in martial arts, we learn to protect our self, to finish our attacker, not to fight with someone. It makes you learn to be more discipline and more confident in your life. That's all for now guys. Thanks for reading.


~rukia_kuchiki said...

nmpk keras je dlm gamba... belakon eh? haha
btw.. taekwando tali pinggang kaler apa? kalo putih, blom layak dipanggil pendekar lagi..heh

Litt[L]E`StAr said...

saye da blue belt.
jom sparring

::aMaD:: said...

apelah korang semua ni mempelekehkan aku! skg dah black belt laaa
ade 9 calit.muahahaha

ada berani ke nak sparring little star?kalah kene blanje mcD!hahaha