Fly away love..

Memories are somewhere in our mind. The past. People said, the past is past.

Have you ever come to a point in your life that you just want those past to be present?

Those past are now. What ever it brings to you, joy, sorrow, confuse, clear, love, hate..sometimes that you felt you want all that to happen again.

It's not easy to forget certain memories that are meaningful to you. But..

Live life at your fullest.

What you have right now is what you gain from your effort from the past.

What you have now is your fate.

What you have now is your life..

The things you got to do is appreciate it. Be honest, keep, cherish, understand it.

You would never want to know that someday it may lost. You'll never know..

Well, I just love my dad n mom.. I don't want to lose them.. I hope that one day they are still able to see me work, marry, and love them with all my heart..


~rukia_kuchiki said...

Hidup tak selalunya indah, tapi yang indah itu tetap hidup dalam kenangan.

Yang baik kita sama2 jadikan tauladan dan ikutan. Yang buruk, kita jadikan sempadan, atau campak ke laut...hehe

Litt[L]E`StAr said...

Live in the present, neither past nor future can be the place we cud visit. =)

::aMaD:: said...

u r my friend - that is not the past =)