I am Legend

[A tag question]

My 31 Fantasy (or maybe can become reality?) dreamz~!

1. A famous Musician

2. A F1 Driver!

3. A Noble Prize winner

4. A famous football player

5. A famous hockey player

6. Get 4 flat in a trimester or maybe all my "saki baki" trimesters

7. Own a big company

8. Own a BMW car series

9. Own Desktop with the highest RAM,Graphic card and so on

10. Own a luxury house which created base on my idea

11. Own an electric guitar

12. Own a Palace!

13. Own a bread and cake restaurant(such as Secret Recipe) together with my future wife

14. Dive into deep sea to watch amazing creature there

15. Went on vacation to all beautiful-known island!

16. My house full with cute cats!

17. Eat delicious cake and bread originated from all around the world

18. Dine at a so so nice, unique and famous restaurant with my gf

19. Has a chance to direct a movie!

20. Create my own car that environmental friendly named AmaD!

21. Have a body guard (muahahaha)

22. Go to Australia to meet kangaroo~ yeepi~

23. Go to vacation to Japan and South Korea (Anyonghaseyo~)

24. Able to fully learn Japan or South Korea culture

25. Build/upgrade mosque whenever it needed

26. Invest in Islamic economy

27. Became a Hafiz =) (Ameen)

28. Can SEDARKAN Malay to be RAJIN

29. Make the world peace!

30. Live a never ending happy life


Who to be tag?
*and all are pleased to join =D


~rukia_kuchiki said...

whoa..sejak dh pndai buat tag ni, manjang je ko tag org ye..haha

p/s : aku dh komen blog eng soc ko =p

Litt[L]E`StAr said...

wow~ cm susa je tag ni
so.....i pass

::aMaD:: said...

aku tag 1 soalan je
tp jwpn byk!

ShOoT_mE said...

huhuhu.. okay2.. nanti aku wat..
yg sblom ade lg satu x wat lg.. huhuhu..

Ryfo said...

anyunghaseyo amad!apa lg jom la hckey sem ni kata nk jd hockey player