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Hello people!

Today I want to talk about my favorite Japanese drama for all the time. The title was "PRIDE".

Pride (aired on 2004) is a story about a young man name Satonaka Halu (Takuya Kimura) who is the captain of his hockey ice team. His characteristic in the field and outside of the field was so amazing. He is brilliant, hardworking, independent and high self esteem. No wonder his teammates respect him so much. His fabulous skills was founded by his former coach, Anzai. But since Anzai sick and has been a long time hospitalized, he is replaced by Hyodo. Hyodo's teaching style is different from Anzai. At the beginning, Halu hate him because of his style plus his relationship with Anzai's wife that seems to be so close...

On the other hand, there is a beautiful young lady name Murase Aki (Takeuchi Yuko) . Her characteristic was different from Halu. She is a soft, loving, encouraged and simply cute! She actually has a boyfriend who study abroad and promise to return to her one day. In this period of time, Halu and Aki bound to each other..and finally love struck them.

For Halu, ice hockey is his mind, conquered his soul and everything to him! He takes every single match seriously. Even if there is no match, he will go to gym to build his stamina. What ever comes to ice hockey, he wont accept any excuse! He actually set up with Aki to love her as a game - when her boyfriend return, they will break up. But.. love is all..even after her boyfriend returns, they are still seeing each other. It is because her boyfriend characteristic had changed. He become selfish and never appreciate Aki like before. Plus, Halu and Aki are so addicted to each other. One of Halu's famous words, "Don't close your eyes when I'm playing, because your bright and beautiful eyes always giving me courage to score!".


Oh man.. I love this story! I love every single episode of it. The soundtracks, the characters and the story lines. And since I love to play hockey too, so it add the reason why I like this drama! And I had always been dreaming to become a great great hockey player as him.. always. But, I know sometimes we will not get what we want because of limits? Fate? Don't know.. But I am really enjoy my hockey story at MMU. Maybe I am not the best eleven, but I am happy. Two tournaments at USM, 1 inter-faculty, 1 state tournament, friendly matches.. that are my records. My stick? It named "Specs".

The important from this post is that I want to tell the world, how I love "Pride" so much!! The most unforgettable story with fine story I had ever watched!


Exams around the corner!


Woahh..it has been a quite long time I haven't post anything.

Yeah.. I'm quite busy recently. I got lab, its report, weekend assignments, exams. This week will be the busy time for this trimester. Three exams in a week! But after this week, I'm going home! Lalala~ Cuti satu minggu..yeszzaa.

Today, I feel like want to say something. I had a chat with my friend who is a scorer about how does he handle his studies.. Well..it is not much. But I want to say that:

In life, we will always face challenge ahead such as a student - the subject they are taking. Some seniors will say that the subject is difficult, the lecture is boring, and so on. All is negative. Well, you never know unless you try it by yourself. Ignore them. You start with a zero knowledge about the subject. Go to the class. Learn. You may found difficulties. But in the end, the one who will survive is the one who believes in themselves. They take the challenge and be INDEPENDENT, not copy and paste laa. If you do the assignment, maybe you could not finish with the correct answer, But at least you have find the answer on your own and you realise that you have struggled! If the answer is wrong, it is ok. We are student. It is a part of learning to make mistakes. We learn from it and in the future, we do better! That is how life works people!

Shoot the star, if you miss at least you have shoot the moon.

p/s: Hujan sekarang. Sangatlah best. =D