Exams around the corner!


Woahh..it has been a quite long time I haven't post anything.

Yeah.. I'm quite busy recently. I got lab, its report, weekend assignments, exams. This week will be the busy time for this trimester. Three exams in a week! But after this week, I'm going home! Lalala~ Cuti satu minggu..yeszzaa.

Today, I feel like want to say something. I had a chat with my friend who is a scorer about how does he handle his studies.. Well..it is not much. But I want to say that:

In life, we will always face challenge ahead such as a student - the subject they are taking. Some seniors will say that the subject is difficult, the lecture is boring, and so on. All is negative. Well, you never know unless you try it by yourself. Ignore them. You start with a zero knowledge about the subject. Go to the class. Learn. You may found difficulties. But in the end, the one who will survive is the one who believes in themselves. They take the challenge and be INDEPENDENT, not copy and paste laa. If you do the assignment, maybe you could not finish with the correct answer, But at least you have find the answer on your own and you realise that you have struggled! If the answer is wrong, it is ok. We are student. It is a part of learning to make mistakes. We learn from it and in the future, we do better! That is how life works people!

Shoot the star, if you miss at least you have shoot the moon.

p/s: Hujan sekarang. Sangatlah best. =D


kuchiki_rukia said...

shoot for the moon, even if you missed, you will still land among the stars.

gantunglah cita2 setinggi langit, biarpun ia jatuh, ia tidak akan terus jatuh ke tanah.

Litt[L]E`StAr said...

hoho~ i was about to write the same as kuchiki_rukia. nway, sy skang ni pon ad amek sbjk yg sgt susa, killer subject. sume senior pon ckp mmg gile susa. tp, we try our best,rite? and doa and tawakkal...

::aMaD:: said...

saje je wat quote tu len sket.hehehe.
skg sy baru abes exam. mau cuti 1 minggu! yeah~!!
lupakan penat lelah, tenat otaks jap =D