Memorable Movie to Remember

While it is still in my mind..below are among of the movies I had watched with her.. Memories remain, heart should get stronger, mind will mature.. Life has to move on!

Malay Movie
1. Sepi
2. Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak

Science Fiction Movie
1. Transformers II - 5 Star
2. G.I. Joe
3. Fantastic Four : Rise of Silver Sulfur
4. Wolverine - First Anniv
5. Blood the Last Vampire
6. Bedtime story
7. Watchman
8. Night at The Museum 2
9. Harry Potter - The Lastest

Action Packed Movie
1. Wanted
2. Get Smart
3. Handcook - First ever Movie watched together!
4. Too Fast Too Furious - Damn good movie
5. Shinjuku Incident - Jackie Chan's Film
6. Beast Stalker
7. Pink Panter 2
8. The Public Enemy

Sad Movie
1. 10 Promises to My Dog - she cry!
2. Marley & Me - this movie too!

Life/Romance Movie
1. Hannah Montanna
2. Changeling - quite boring
3. Love Matters - a malaysia's chinese movie
4. The Proposal

Animation Movie
1. Madagascar 2
2. Ice Age 3
3. Up - the last we watch together..

Well, that's what I remembered so far. Maybe there's a lot more, but I forget. =p Life is like a movie. We are the characters. We judge the way of the stories. Some said, it is not the way to achieve something is important, but what achieved in the end is important...