Starting Point!

Ahh..fell so good to be back to MMU. I got seven months more to grad! Yeepii~

Cuti2 kat kampung haritu sangat sekejap. Terpaksa pergi ke Shah Alam bcoz of family matters. And for the first time, I seperated with my parents about 10's a bit relax without them to ask me to do this and that, but it is so sad that I coulnd't do this and that for them..  =(

At my home, I got a new notty cat! She is so cute and young!

After I came back to MMU, I live in a new place (rumah sewa) at Bkt Beruang Indah. The place seems to be quite far from MMU but "redah" jelahhh..hehe. Today is my second day at my new hommie.

I'm so excited to start this new trimester. But I'm gonna start it with registering FYP manually as I request to register extra one hour credit for this trimester. Gladly the Dean has approve me to do so. Just need to register manually. And need to find lecture to be my supervisor! Ahhhh..damn complicated!

But life has to move on. There's no shortcut to a succesfully life. Struggle first and be happy later. Yeah, that's what I am going to do! Ganbatte~! (^^)


Litt[L]E`StAr said...

so now u r staying at BBI..not so far from MMU la..

See you in Melaka =)

ღ yana said...

bz la encik dgn fyp.

>,< da dpt tajok kahhhh?

p/s: comel kucing. :)

::aMaD:: said...

yup little star,i'm at BBI~ =D

yana,kito same duk bz pasai fyp neh..haduihhh..

p/s:kucing secomel tuannya..hahaha

ღ yana said...


ade satu kat umah cam kucing nih gak.belang2.

gile garang dan gedik tp tak macam tuannya la. LOL. :P

::aMaD:: said...

ohh..tuannye garang n gedik ye?
sape tuannye tu?kui3~

ღ yana said...


tuannya adek. adek punye kucing.
(tibe2 tak ngaku) :P

Fabulous Farafiqa said...

kucin nama die?

ehehe comey lptp 12inch..sng ja nk bwk mane2..ringan jerr

::aMaD:: said...

yana:ooo..mengate kat adek ye! =p

farafiqa: comel kan??hehehehe. namanye ialah si belang. just simple =D

p/s:lptp sng nk bwk tgk movie la xbest..

ღ yana said...

haha betul la. mmg adek punye.
kite tlg tgk je. LOL :P