If in Love..Like Them [Movie Preview]

Hi everyone. I had just finish watching Korean drama episode of 4. The title was "If in Love...like them", played by Lee Hyo-Ri (as Ina) and Lee Dong Gun (as Jeong Tae) is a story about undying love.

Earlier of the story, Jeong Tae is one of the underground gangster who own a casino. Even though he own a casino, his income must be submitted to his boss. So he is always penniless. He once said "What I had achieve in life until now? I know that God let us live for a reason". One day, at a supermarket, suddenly the building collapse! It was a miracle for him to survive. At hospital, he meets Ina..

On the other side, Ina is a popular singer. But she never reveal her face. The fans are dying to see her face! One day, she suddenly faint before she going to stage to perform. Then, her manager send her to hospital, where she meets Jeong Tae..

Now the interesting parts is, Jeong Tae was given a biggest shock in his life as he just know that he got a brain tumor in his head and he is in critical stage, nothing can be done. For Ina, she also has a shock as she just know that she has leukemia..also at critical stage.. They both know that they won't live long..

One day, they managed to escape together from the hospital. They went to Jeong-Tae's village far away. At there..many sweet and sad memories created. At that time, Ina never know that Jeong Tae like her and she also doesn't know about Jeong Tae's illness. But for Jeong Tae, he fall in love with her..always giving the best and protect her..just that,Ina never realize all of that..

Want to know what's next? You got to watch it! And for your info, this drama only has 4 episode. Enjoy!


unknown said...

sounds great!
mcm a must watch series
nak tgk gak ar
any other series yg nk d suggestkan?

::aMaD:: said...

yup. it was a great drama though it has only 4 episode. :D

other series ye.emmm..try beethoven virus?hehe

btw,who r ya? =p