My Girlfriend is an Agent..

Yes, she is an agent or spy who works with the (police). But she always lied to me by telling that she is a travel agent! I get piss off! So I leave her, and take a lift!

Wondering what it is? It's about a Korean  movie, My Girlfriend is an Agent or also known as 7 Grade Civil Servant in some country. I just finished watch this movie this night. Just want to share to usual. ^^

Here are some info about My Girlfriend is an Agent
Year Released: April 2009
Actor: Kim Ha-Neul (as Ahn Su-Jin), Kang Ji-Hwan (as Lee Jae-Joon)
Genre: Comedy, Action, Spy
My rating: 9.2/10
More info: Here
Website: In Korea
Trailer source: Youtube

Synopsis: Su-Jin is a spy and Jae-Joon who is her boyfriend, never knew that fact.  Being a spy always make Su-Jin busy and cannot give enough attention to Jae-Joon. So, she create a reason by telling Jae-Joon that she is a travel agent who is always busy serving the client which is actually the criminal that she is spying. Once Jae-Joon find out what Su-Jin is actually do, he feel betrayed and left her. What s next? U got to watch it to find out! This story, is full with comedy, romance and action. Whenever there is a comedy part, I laughed myself loudly, because it is so funny! Two thumbs up!! So people, just watch it lahh. =p


Another story is, I went to a Korean Restaurant at Mahkota Parade (Malacca) this evening.  Details  about the restaurant as I summarized as below:

Name: Seoul Garden
Serving: Buffet
Price: RM23/head (student price)

Have u heard about it? For those who doen't know, the restaurant style is something like steamboat, but you can also fry beef, chicken, lamb, fish, etc of many flavours by yourself. Plus, they also serve Ais Batu Campur (ABC), ice-cream and many more.  You should try it! Em..this is the first time I went there. So excited. Perhaps today is a Korean Day!


Armyrule said...

dah tgk citer ni..seyes best...xtipunyer

naim said...

ah..camne nak tgok cite best camni..cite kat lattop pun tak bis tgok.pdahal semua sebab jadi hamba kerja..amad..tolongggg...

FarhanaDr said...

Tinggi gak ek rating kamu.. Huhu.. Mnarik jek.. ;)

~ ouh, kat MP ade restoran korea.. sedap ke? ngee.. blh coba nnt..

::aMaD:: said...

amyrule : betol2.

naim: wohh.rileks bro.keje comes first.baru leh santai2.hihihi

naiemz said... gak intro die...i will watch this movie bro..thanks for the info

zara said...

u tgk citer korean ??? huhu bagus

::aMaD:: said...

farhana: sbb rating tinggi la.hihihi.

yep.kat MP ade.sedapp.layan abess~

naiemz: ok.u are welcome.

zara: oh kenape?tak layan ke?

Siti Salwa Hanim said...

tlg bg aku copy cd...hehehe..nak beli mahal =P

Anonymous said...

was here~
do visit my blog too~
and do not hesitate to leave a comment...;D

mcm ala2 sweet spy ker...?
yg ada si hensem dennis oh....
hensem, hensem, hensem dennis oh..haha

syok2...lepas ni kena blanja mkn kat situ!!! ;D

::aMaD:: said...

siti: ok =p

nani: yer2.nnt sy visit n komen.hihi. nak g smyg neh. =p

cte ni ala2 dennis oh xdak la dlm cte neh.kui3~

mane bole blanje kt dak sekolah!wahaha

afayufu said...

your nuff zzzz

L@n@ said...

adoyai.. bile la nak ade mase cam dolu2 nak layan cite2 korea nih.. tgu kids dido dgn mak dia skali belayar.. hihi

჌wyana said...

hoho. da tgk da cte ni. best je.

amad pandai memasak ^_^

hppy weekend. bye!
nak balek. sile jeles banyak2.

::aMaD:: said...

afayufu: thanks.

lana: tgk jelaa.xyah hirau kat kids.ngeh3 =p

wyana: pandai masak?tenkiuuu!! balek lah.xjeles! =p

Anonymous said...

The movie look not bad wor!

Thanks, hope I can win the phone :P

Siti Salwa Hanim said...

nak cd..!=P

Nikel Khor said...

its another nice movie..

from Nikel Khor

Nazz said...

Nice movie..

Thanks for the visit..
Eh ter'omputeh' plak.. hi hi

Anonymous said...

dh tgk dgn abg mai.. best uhhh!!! syg yea mai tsengguk2 titow.. grrr... skng ney tggu abg mai alek.. nk tgk agy!!! ta puase aty uh.. xD

::aMaD:: said...

joshua: good luck!

wawa: bereh2.kui3~

nazz: thanks 4 visit too!

maisyara: o ye?awat kne tggu abg mai dlu?ade dlm laptop die ke ape? best kot cte neh!sbb tu agaknye tak puas~ =p

bellar0ssa said...

best ke cite ni.xtgk lagi.huhu..aku pon minat japanese n korean series.hehe

kakchik said...

kakchik suka cerita korea. yg ni nak masuk buku kot2 ada ms boleh tonton.

f is fikah said...

dua2 blom try..
i mean, cite tu blom tengok..
kat seoul garden pun blom sempat gi..
korean day pun ade kat sini..hehe

rm23/head tu, makan bufet ke??

::aMaD:: said...

try la nnt.best2~
yup.buffet. mkn smpai pengsan yer.hihihi

bellar0ssa said...

dah tengok! damn funny.haha.ketwa mcm hape je.

Ms_Mui2 said...

eh?peminat mvie korea gak ni..heee^^
dah tgk dh cite tu,lucu giler.
saya recomand cite my fair lady,bukan mvie la.drama..hehe