Yesterday's Bubba Gump and Wolfman.

Ok, yesterday I was hanging out at One Utama and e@Curve, Damansara. 

The actual intention was to buy new clothes, but many shops are not open yet due to CNY holiday (tulaa..sape suruh pegi hari ke-2 cny..hua2). But even though I ended up with buying nothing except guitar picks, I had an amazing dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp at e@Curve. Had u people go there before? The restaurant is located at the 1st floor and the price is actually a "little expensive" (sekali sekala..takpa lah). What do I ate then? sorry, I couldn't take much photo because I don't bring any good camera at that time and the lightning at that restaurant is "yellow fluorescent" type which weakens my HTC ability to take a good photo. So I hope photo below is just ok.

Drink name: Jenny's Favorite
Ingredients: Fruity mixture (smoothies)
Price: Guess??

Ok, for some info, the restaurant which name is Bubba Shrimp Company, is inspired by a 1994 movie "Forrest Gump". Had u watch this movie? The main character of the movie is Forrest Gump acted by Tom Hanks and comes from Alabama. As he was from Alabama, the main dishes would be shrimp, seafood as well as Southern and Cajun cuisine. So in other words, at Bubba Shrimp, all u can find is dishes that the base would be seafood! Nyum2~

Ok, enough for that.

Actually, this is my second time to go to OU and Curve (hahaha). Btw, I also watched the "Wolfman" movie at OU. The story is ok, but full with shocking scenes (terperanjat tiba2). The ending is ordinary. So I give up 7 out of 10 for this movie. To who want to watch it, make sure that u don't have heart disease, or else, I don't know what would happen when the shocking scenes comes.. (S_S).

p/s: my CNY holidays is not finish yet! Jom lepak2? =p


Anonymous said...

jejalan ek...=)
semalam pun keluar jugak..
nak gi shopping..tapi sama macam kat OU & kawasan kejiranan. semua kedai tutup. T_____T cis cisdel.

balik je lepas tu penat tak dapat barang...minggu depan baru start shopping balik. kat Sunway! Kalau tak pun kat kawasan kejiranan lah..

eh? tak pernah trnampak pun tempat tu? movie tu pun tak penah tengok..

::aMaD:: said...

tula..same la kite.
tp silap destinasi tak same.. =p
cisdel kan?sbb kedai tutup T__T

wow,sunway.2 hari lps g sunway gak.kedai tutup.cisdel2~

popular lah movie tu..kt tv3 ade tunjuk..bile ntah.

restoran ni kt 1st floor.sng je tgk balik..kui3~

sAzUwI said...

Cajun cuisine -> baper regenyer? hehe

::aMaD:: said...

reger??harga?makanan yg aku mkn tu agak expensive.price not to be disclose.muahaha!

mie said...

kn gi tgk ni....

LadyCaja said...

hm nk try g Bubba Gump Shrimp...

hans said...

mesti mahal kan?

farhana ghafar said...

wanna watch the wolfman 2! hari tu masa CNY, tengok lu fikir lah sendiri. so-so jerr. terpaksa tengok teman adik. uhhu. btw, salam singgah. :)

::aMaD:: said...

mie: tgk lah.boley tahan citenye

ladycaja: try jgn xtry =p

hans: of course!

farhana: lu fikir sendiri tak best ke?xpe2.wolfman mantap!!

zliah said...

bubba gump! heheee pnah jugak pegi situ ;)

.o r k e d. said...

wolfman ta best.aku siap tdo tgk cite tu. &*&^%$@@$

::aMaD:: said...

zliah: yeke!best kan?tapi mahal T__T

orked: yeke?sbnrnye yg best sbb pelakon kawai~ =p

nursarah said...

macam nak tengok wolfman ni. ermm. tengok minggu depan la. huhu

cik EPAL said...

lepak mana?? :)

::aMaD:: said...

nursarah.tgk la.worth of watching. ^^

cik epal. sudey dibilang dlm pos itu. =D