A must READ. Thanks. =D

This post is meant to tell u guys that I'll be in very busy mode recently and this will be continuously... that I don't know when will it end. The things that are making me busy is of course..academic stuff..

It's about 7 more weeks to go before I'll finish my studies at MMU..wahaha..CooL~

But it shall be the most deciding time for me as I need to focus harder than ever to my studies.. Amazingly, two subjects still keeping me busy as the assignments of both of the subject is..ahhhhhhh...damn banyak! Ditambah lagik dengan Lab report yang susah dan berjela-jela solutionnye.. T__T 

Wahh..busy nye saye!

Not to mention..the Final Year Project. I need to go to a company located at Alor Gajah.. but I only managed to go 4 times up until now..and all of those 4, really is nothing. Because I need  to collect more date, do more analysis and so whatever that requires me to go there frequently. But how am I suppose to go if there are lots of assignment to be done and submit?

Ok folks..sorry. Just to tell u that I'm busy. HAHA. Thanks for reading!


jfook said...

All the best!!! Happy graduation in advance!

::aMaD:: said...

thanks bro!! =D