Touchy yet Gloomy Song by Lee Hyori [SWING]

Presenting to you the newest song by LEE HYORI (a korean singer). Actually I was just searching for "Hyori" in Youtube, but this video (down) pops up. So I just click and watch it. The first thing that come out of my mind as the videos is playing, was the clown face is quite SCARY! But as I heard the song for seconds.. it was a little catchy ears. Believe me. U got to play and hear this song!

Swing by Lee Hyori feat LeeSsang.

Look at me, the one that you once loved
Look at me, the one that once loved you

Is there nothing we can do for each now ?
Why is our love getting tiring
When was the last time we were inside the deep darkness
Lips are drying up and my heart is losing happiness
The cold wind is stroking by ears
Loneliness is adding up, and getting soaked into dreams
I'm missing the night we were together

If we're apart for a long period of time would we know each others hearts ?
Will we wake up from the pressure of love ?
The midpoint of love and separation, who are we standing on top of it ?
Who should be the one forgiving who should be the one to loving and
Who should be the one that should be hurting
I love you, even if i say i love you you're only getting further away
By the wind, even if get blown by the wind i can't forget
There are times when our misfortune days come and go, like if we're on a swing

Instead let's just break up
If we were to meet again someday, then on that day let's place newspapers all over the land
Like before i will offer you my fingernails, cut them nicely for me
I will give into your chest, wash my hair for me
When that day comes love me again, love me

The clothes inside my closet cry while waiting for you
The red lips i drew
Says that i love you repeatedly
Is it a sin to love you
Is it time for me to let you be now
Because of this loneliness it's hard for me day after day
Love seems like it's a bunch of foam bubbles mounting up

Even if that continues i can't let you go, a person like you
Even if that continues i wanna hang onto you, a person like you

Look at me, the one that you once loved
Look at me, the one that once loved you

FROM MY VIEW, the song was about the singer's ex-lover. She is still in love with him and can't let he go. But she knows that she must forget him no matter what happens. This is because he was so mean to her and never treats her as good as ever. In the video, the clown is assumed as her ex that is "scary" and wherever he goes, he will always bring along the bag and bump into the her. The bag, the black balloon and the red shoes carry a meaning, which is all of those is his ex. In short words, he is also unable to forget her despite he want to move do is his ex. Just that they know that they should not be together anymore.. Umm.. I don't know if U really get what I mean.. maybe U should just hear it and judge by your own.

Oh yeah, want this song? Got some interest? here. Hyori feat LeeSsang - Swing.
Or do U want the lyric in KOREAN language? Here it goes. Korean Lyric.



Anonymous said...

lagu ni penuh makna untuk amad kan...?
urm.. jgn sedih2... =)

lirik dia memang best..terasa jugak. =(

clown tu menakutkan...

::aMaD:: said...

kinda of la nani..
takde la sedih. just suke la dgr rentak lagu ini.. =D

best kan?

zara said...

wahhhh penuh maksud tuh~!!

::aMaD:: said...

yup. He He ^__^

thesweetlittlecat said...

best best lagu ini! :)