Chelsea FC - the winner of BPL this season?

Heyaa! Who's gonna be this season Barclay's Premier League winner? It is up to either Chelsea or Arsenal. Opsie~ Haha. Sowry yer Manchester Utd.. tersalah mention Arsenal laks. I hope Chelsea will win at Stamford Bridge against Wigan Athletic tomorrow. A draw or defeat is unacceptable. If so, Manchester will write the history again this year. Nahhhh... Go THE BLUES Go!

My favourite team, Arsenal, is quite pity because they have not won any cup this season. Arsenal fans, what do you think about Arsene Wenger strategy? Shouldn't he buy new goalie and defender? Anyway, gladly Marouane Chamakh (a stiker) will join Arsenal next season. I hope he will bring some "bright lights" to Arsenal. Yeahhh... Go THE GUNNERS Go!

However, a different story for Manchester City. Even though I don't really like this team, but I gradually do as they  progress a lot since the club takeover by Arabian billionaire. Plus, the team has TWO ex-Arsenal player! The sad ending for Manchester City was they lost to Tottenham Hotspurs on last week match. Lost this game means lost of opportunity to finish top 4. Finishing in this spot could open the gate to participate in the Champions League next season.

Haiya mamba~ sudah menjadi juru-explain bola sepak dah. Hahahaha. Inilah jadinye apabile stress study for final exam. By the way, post ini just for an update. Agak malas nak menaip lately. Semoga anda terhibur membaca post ni. Have a nice day dan salam semua!


♫ yana ♫ said...

arsenal ke arsengal?? hehehe

Anonymous said...

BOLA! T__________T

::aMaD:: said...

yana: jgn la jeles. i tau la u sokong west ham..kui3~

nani: haaa..ini lah BOLA namenye! =D

♫ yana ♫ said...

hahah tak main la west ham.
i forever mu.
stadi pon kat mmu (maktab manchester united) kot? hehehe :P

::aMaD:: said...

yeahhhh!!!chelsea 8-0!!wuhuuu.
wa tak maen la man u. hahahaha.
congrats chelsea!! u r the winner!!
also congrats to arsenal!!!yahuuu

♫ yana ♫ said...

ala. kasi can je tu.
nanti chelsea nangis2 pulak.
mu kan baik ati cam i. :P

^_^ jom sol garden! :)