Oh tell me Goodbye.. tell me Goodbye..

Heya folks! I can't stop to like this song.. the mean of the song is like telling self and someone to forget the memories together..which by somehow, I felt the same way.  Whatever it is, just hear the song. It's nice.

BIG BANG - Tell Me Goodbye

Credit goes to isha.


etomyam said...

wow..steady ni

Rabia Sensei said...

oh, that was indeed a sad-nice song. Thanks for sharing...Well, I can say that, I know how it feel..sigh~
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farah aminuddin said...

love it!!!!!!!!!

::aMaD:: said...

@etomyam: yep.

@rabia: yeah. u know how it feel?? =p

@farah: love it tooo!!!!

nabil_potter said...

yup..utm lagi..

JAI said...

Thanks for sharing bro