Timing is now!!

Have u ever watch FAMILY OUTING, a Korean variety show? Maybe some of you had watched it. But for those who don't, lemme give a brief introduction to u about this show which is also one of the top TV show in Korea.

Episode: 85
Run Time per Episode : About 1 hour 20 minutes
Broadcast Period: 15 Jun 2008 - 14 February 2010

This show is a REALITY show. It is about a Family (formed by a group of singers and actors) outing at villages around Korea. At each villages, they experience the hardship in surviving a life as a family such as finding ingredients to cook for dinner and completing the task given by the grandma/grandpa. The grandma/grandpa is the one who owned the house where the Family will spent for a night there. However despite the hardship, the main aim of this show is to provide laughter to the viewers. In order to achieve this, all of the Family will naturally do many gags or jokes which are extremely FUNNY (gelak terguling-guling tengok)!!  Besides that they will also playing outdoor games, dancing, singing and do a lot of other activities that will make u burst into laughter.

In every two episode, one or two guests will join the family. These guests are among of the Korean singers or actors such as Taeyeon & Yoona & Tiffany (SNSD), G-Dragon & TOP & Seungri (Big Bang), Nicole (Kara), Han Ji Won and Rain! On the other hand, there are a total of 8 permanent members of the family which is shown below (Click on the link for bio).

 The MC of the show - Yoo Jae Suk

 Singer - Lee Hyori

Singer - Kang Daesung (Big Bang's member)

Singer - Kim Jong Kook

Actor - Park Yejin

Actor - Lee Chun Hee

Actor - Kim So Roo

In the middle of the episode after 1 year the show aired, sadly Park Yejin and Lee Chun Hee have to leave the show due to the terminated contract. However their empty spots soon being replaced by:

Actor - Park Hae Jin

Actor - Park Shiyeon

This show was actually introduced to me by my friend, Shafiq. Thanks to him because everytime I watch the show, surely I will LAUGH OUT LOUD!! Thus enabling me to forget whatever bad mood or stress I was before. I don't know what to say but this show really cheer me up man. Apart from that, I also learned a lot of Korean stuff such as kimchi, its tradition, its nature beauty and plus, knowing new singers or actors! Until now, I've been "stuck" with the Korean pop band such as Big Bang and SNSD. 

Further info? Click HERE.
List of guests? Click HERE.

Yeah, I know..perhaps it's kinda amusing to post something like this. But since the show is too interesting and give a lot of impact to me, so I would like to share to u. Maybe if u start to watch it from the very first episode, then u will become more addicted to watch. Just make sure u got enough sleep! ^_^

More pictures, previews and related stuff will be post later. WAIT FOR IT!!


yongie ya.. said...

ohhh..i really love this show..
family outing...da best of variety show i ever watched!!hahha...but season 2..i dun really like it..huhuhu

din said...

waaa aku ada semua episod dia..timing is now ni mase henney datang..bapak lawak jaesuk ni..haha..

::aMaD:: said...

yongie: ya ya.season 1 is very FUNNY! but season 2 looks not really interesting..maybe later on it will?idk.. =(

din: wahh..best kan!! timing is now~!!haha. jaesuk n daesung paling lawak ntah ape2..hahaha

din said...

dumb and dumber..skang pon boring trus bkak FO ni..hak3..

::aMaD:: said...

tp season 2 tak meletop laa..xbyk lawak. totally different dr season 1..tak best2..

yongie ya.. said...

season 2 byk gn idol..so xsyok..jaesuk yg plg best..hakhakhak