What to do if U want a successful life?

Someone in my past told me:

"To succeed in the subject that U are taking, 
U must develop interest in that subject and the lecturer who teach it"

Even though those words are simple, however for me it was very courageous. It has a very deep meaning and yet said by someone special. Now, what I want to share to U is something about your daily life that could be related to the words I mentioned earlier. That something is:

"Love what U do, do what U Love"

I hope that by my little words, it could burst your interest in whatever U are doing right now and in your plans in life later on. Live life for good. Be better. Be happy. And always smile. God is always there for us.

p/s: Thanks for that someone.


♫ yana ♫ said...

ade org tu dah merdeka! ;)

::aMaD:: said...

yep! yahu!!!