I'm Sorry, I love you

This time, I present to you a very sad-romance short clip featuring Dennis-Oh and Han Ga-In. The song in this video entitled ONLY WIND ONLY WIND by SG Wannabe feat Kim Jong Kook. Actually this song is not a new song, but I think I would like to share to the viewers because the song is one of the best I ever heard! To understand better, I type down the lyrics below. CLICK ON the video!!

Only Wind, Only Wind..

Even if you don`t tell me, I know, I know that we can't be together
Continue on the path that you were on before, don`t feel sorry for me

When I want to go closer to you, I mentally call for you so that your heart can rest completely.
Even if I call you, your heart can't come to me, so what would I do if your heart hurt?
Only you, only you, only wind, only wind
Like moonlight, I can only follow you around
Loneliness seems better than a love that will end in separation
I'm like a fool, only wind, only wind
I want to meet you but I change my mind and end up hiding my feelings once more
So that I can see even just one more your image from behind

Yes, I didn't even know one bit about how painful this would be
I didn't even know that I would see love in the curve of your shoulders
Even when I want to seperate myself from you, part of my steps seem to go back to you
What will I do if you forget my name, my face?

Please do me a favor and show me only your happy image
So that you who is busy with love won't use your worry on me

Only you, only you, only wind, only wind
Even today, I laugh and cry as I walk along
Because even if I see your image, tears of happiness form
I'm like a fool, only wind, only wind
  I want to meet you but I change my mind and end up hiding my feelings
So that even if love is not possible that this lasts forever

Okay, how was it? If you really understand the lyrics and watch the video.. just don't tell me you are crying. I never do. But lots of people said the song was very TOUCHING.. so, enjoy the video! ^_^

p/s: Actually the video is continuous. I will post later depends on situation.

First Interview Invitation.

Hola! Como estas?
Hai, pekabor? 

Hari ini, 19th July 2010, adalah antara saat paling getar getir dalam hidupku because I have to attend my FIRST INTERVIEW invitation!! Semalam rase macam malas nak pergi je..takdak semangat la..dan macam2 karenah lagik..adeii. Tapi dikuatkan semangat..hadirlah aku ke tempat interview bertempat di ISP Alpha Technology di Shah Alam. 

Sebelum "real" interview bermula, ade simple math test. Test ni ialah kene tambah dua nombor dan tulis numbor belakang hasil tambahan tu ditengah2 antara dua nombor tu. Senang kan? Test ni sebenarnye untuk uji tahap "fast learner" kite. Certain time was given to complete the test. Yang pernah ambil test ni mesti tau.

Lepas tu masuklah bilik interview. Seriusly takde rasa cuak langsung. HAHA. Rasa relax je. Tapi dalam otak, duk pikir ape benda nak tanya interviewer nanti.. Well, from the explanation given from the interviewer, kerja yang aku apply tu macam berat. With 12 working hours and need to "take care" of a BONDING machine, really make me feels the job is tough. Hurm..

Well, interview sudah lepas. Even though I am not really anticipating a good result, tapi hopefully I will get a job in the near future. It is time to dive into the working culture now! Oh yeahhh.

Ops, ini iklan sahaja. Bukan begini time interview tadi. Sekian.

Spain: the only EURO team win WC outside EURO!!

Couple of sayings from ESPN after SPAIN beat NETHERLANDS by 1-0:

"Spain win the World Cup for the first time in their history, and become the first European side to win the trophy outside their home continent. Joyous scenes from the Spanish. They are without question the world's best team. European champions and now World champions."

"John Brewin, at Soccer City: Iniesta saved us from penalties for which he can be thanked. The Dutch can complain all they wish but their behaviour was reprehensible and they missed the chances they had to win. This team cannot rank alongside the team of 1974 and 1978. Shame on them. Well done to Spain, a rescue job from the pain of opening defeat in Durban to champions of the world."

"Holland's defeat means that only one side went through the tournament unbeaten. Can you guess who it is? ANS: New Zealand. Astonishing stat!"


The Goal Scorer - Andres Iniesta!! 

Without Casillas, Netherlands may score twice! What a save by him! Salute!

In world cup history, never been a nation that won the world cup by losing their opening game like SPAIN! That is why I'm in love with Espana. ^_^ But something concern me a lot is that total of 12 yellow cards and 1 red card were shown during the game. FAIR PLAY huh?


I'm dreaming to own this car - Porsche 997!!

The price is about 6 Proton Satria Neo which is equal to RM3 000 000.00!!
But..currently I'm jobless. Thank you. ^^

Semi-final prediction: Argentina and Uruguay?

Tomorrow, semi-final matches of South Africa 2010 World Cup will be kicking off. Here, I review some of the anticipation and reality of those upcoming matches. 


For me Argentina has many excellent players but yet fail to impress at the previous World Cup. However this time, with Lionel Messi who announced as 2009 FIFA best player together with Gonzalo Higuan and Carlos Tevez which both scored 6 out of 10 goals for Argentina so far, could possibly beat Germany tomorrow.

Before this World Cup campaign begins, Diego Maradona (Argentina's coach) received massive critics due to poor performance during their qualifying stage. Argentina ends up at the 4th place behind Brazil (1st), Chile (2nd) and Paraguay (3rd). But Maradona's side had successfully provided a stunning performance and impresses those detractors by winning all 4 matches of this World Cup campaign with a deficit of 10-2 goals!

Germany on the other hand, topped their qualifying group without losing. But they lost to Serbia during their 2nd match at South Africa. Serbia even failed to advance to round of 16. However, a marvelous goal record of 9-2 needed to be bear in mind for Maradona's side.

Argentina and Germany historically are rivalry. Their records are:
Argentina(0) vs Germany(1)                      -- Final World Cup 1990
Argentina(1)(Penalty:loss)vs Germany(1)   -- Quarter Final World Cup 2006
Argentina(1) vs Germany(0)                      -- Friendly 2010


Ghana, the Black Stars could be the first African country to reach World Cup semi-finals. Cameroon (African team which reach quarter final the most) and Senegal (World Cup 2002) failed to do so before. Meanwhile, Uruguay could also advance to semi-final after 40 years of waiting. What I like about both teams is Ghana is the only African team survives and strong Uruguay could even make all the way to the final! Just wait and see.

Ghana has the youngest squad among of 31 other in South Africa (average of 24.1 year olds). Their World Cup campaign this time shows a-not-really-impressive goal deficit which is 4-3. Asamoah Gyan is their target man as he scored 3 goals so far. Uruguay on the other side only manage to clinch their 2010 World Cup place after beating Costa Rica 2-1 at the play-off. They were 5th at their continent’s qualifying stage behind Argentina. However they manage to impress by reaching quarter final this time with no loss and let go only 1 goal. But reaching this far had make Deigo Godin, the Uruguayan defender, which provides the sturdy defense to miss the match against Ghana due to injury. This could be a troublesome. Uruguay goal deficit record is 6-1 which Diego Forlan netted 2 and Luiz Suarez netted 3.