I'm dreaming to own this car - Porsche 997!!

The price is about 6 Proton Satria Neo which is equal to RM3 000 000.00!!
But..currently I'm jobless. Thank you. ^^


Nurna said...

cari la keje cepat2..huhu~

sI tEDI said...

belanja satu!
he he he

::aMaD:: said...

@nurna: ye2 =D

@ si tedi: mana bulih dong! =p

Thristhan said...

Wow, that expensive huh? I got a job, but can't afford it too :(

Thristhan said...

Wow, gorgeous :)

::aMaD:: said...

yeah, surely TOO EXPENSIVE! haha.
well, it is just my dream to own it =D