Estranged Scent in the House

I'm lost I'm Lost.. cross line I shouldn't cross I was Lost..

Everybody changing and I don't know why..

Last night I arrived at my hometown after traveling for 8 hours by my car from Shah Alam. Tired yet sleepy, that's all I felt. But shortly after I arrived, I began to sense something is missing - the scent of my beloved father. Where is he? He's already gone..pergi menyahut seruan Allah. I miss him. So badly. And I almost broke into tears. If he is still here, he would probably greet me with a smile and ask me a lot about my work and my life. I could also give him a ride in my new car which is also the dreamed car he wishes to buy me. Then I could hear his laugh, his mumbling and his voice calling me for a help. But now.. all of that is already gone. I'm lost.. but life has to move on.

I am really missing him so much..

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