4 Times 1 = 1111


My friends, how about your wishes last year? Achieved or not? What ever it is, let's set new wishes this year. Or let last wish continuous? Well, for me, lot of events occurred for the year 2010. As example, I finished my 5 year study at MMU in June, convocation ceremony attended by my parents on 1st August, get my 1st job which I started to work on 2nd August, my dad pass away.. (memories with him still lingers in my mind) and lastly at last I own a car!

Sekadar Hiasan =p

If you want to go elsewhere, walk it on your own feet.
The scars you had show the effort you had made.
So look up, dont look down. 
Raise your voice and your strength.
You can do it!
Sketch out your pitiful dreams harder than anyone!

Ok friends, I just want to wish u a happy new year 2010. May God always bless u.


sAzUwI said...

selamat tahun baru gak...

yongie ya.. said...

slamat tahun baru
semoga success slalu
mulakan hari anda dgn doa..~~