Cherish the One that U Love

For me, since I left my university life, it's hard to always updating my blog. Well, for this time I just want to share a great value that I learned.. which begin after I lost my father in Nov 2010.

It has been 5 months since he left me. I recall that the last time I meet him, talk to him and have a little argument with him was last Raya 2010. I never imagine that was the last time I see him breathing. All I know is when I come back to my hometown to see him in Nov, he is already in a very ill condition (nazak). Gyahhh.. I almost caught in tears when I type this. Hm..

At that time at the hospital, he could not speak or even open his eyes. Oh tuhan, besarnya dugaanmu. So I just prayed and hope that he will be better soon. I just really am missing him. Badly missing him. But God knows everything. Setiap yang bernafas pasti akan sampai ke ajalnya. Innalillah..on 17 Nov, he answer God's call to left this world. 

Now, 5 months after that, I still feel his "Scent" in my life. I hardly forget him. And for my mom, she is now the only one left for me. I don't want to regret losing her later. I want to make her feel happy for the rest of her life. No matter how hard it could be, I shall never threat her badly. I hope that she will have a long life so that I could live a blissful life. I love u, mom.

Incomplete photo of siblings

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be strong.