Japanese's Hitachi High Tech (HHT)

Today I learned 3 things.

FIRST, to make a story, during my work today, I can't solve a problem at the machine which if it unsolve will make the production output today low (Em.. by the way my company is a manufacturing company. So high output is a very pleasant thing to hear). 

Since I can't solve the problem, so I asked assistance from a Japanese's Hitachi High Tech (HTT) guy who is here, in Malaysia to support our company. Yelah.. jepun tu terer..kejap je dia solve problem tu. Lepas solve problem, somewhat, I'm dreaming to become just like him - a SUPERB ENGINEER.

But do believe me, at the end of the day I learned a thing - 
U are yourself, don't copy anybody. Be the SUPERB by being it in your style, but of course be a REAL SUPERB.

SECOND, I learned that forgiving people who make you fell down, sad, etc is hard. But if you do so, your burden (like dark aura) is gone and you can be HAPPY again. So, jadilah seorang yang pemaaf.

THIRD, in conjunction with second is, THINK POSITIVE in every things occur in your life. Yet, the positive attitude will surely brighten your up to live a happier life. So people, be positif-lah.

That's all. Have a good reading and learn!! ^__^


yuriz said...

sy seorng yg pemaaf...ahaks..
but...blom tentu sy blh trime spt biasa..hahahaha

p/s:betul ke sy seorng pemaaf???

::aMaD:: said...

sedangkan org gila xngaku dirinya gila, ini kan nak ngaku pemaaf.kuang3~ hehehe..gurau jela. kate pemaaf.jd jgn marah.. =p