Ramadhan and South Korea.

Every time I read the news paper during Ramadhan month (especially 2 weeks before and after Raya), I shall view the page of people's dedication that studied or live overseas. I just love to see the photos and where the place those photos are. And at the end, I will talk to myself "when will I able to be like them?". 

Yeah..it's my kid's dream. However I still dream it until now. How I wish to further my studies abroad or just work there. The top list country that I want to go is SOUTH KOREA. Below I share with U for a pleasure view of some photos that I grab from the gOOgLe.cOm.

Well.. forget about bad images people say about South Korea. How about thinking only the good ones? Hm. I really wish to go there. Oh God help me! Lastly, kata orang Melayu "Hujan emas di negeri orang, Hujan batu di negeri sendiri". Renung - renungkan~ zassss!!

P/S: Last photo? Of course its the Taeguk Warrior!!


They call me Fiki. said...

Nooooooooo don't study overseas. I skarang kat UK baru almost 11 month and I HATE IT HERE!! SERIOUSLY!! Rasa macam sunyi and tak accepted like kat Malaysia. And all your families and friends are in Malaysia.

OH MAN, theres so many things I can complain about studying overseas. And like raya, memang sunyi betul. Nasib my parents sanggup datang UK jumpa I, kalau tak, memang I nangis gila kot.

And sorry blog I takde gambar sangat pasal UK, I malas kluar rumah, takde duit (hehehe), although I do travel a lot to Europe and stuff, just that I tend not to post up the photos cause I fear others will deem me as a big show off or something.

Trust me, one day, you'll get better opportunities to visit other countries and once you've started doing that, you'll be sooooooooo addicted to traveling that you just HAVE to travel somewhere at least once a year or else you'll feel so empty. Like me =D

BTW, thanks for visiting my blog!!!!!! (Sorry comment panjang, I tengah procrastinate against my thesis skarang ni NGE~)

eva said...

wahhh!! nak ke korea jugak.. my first wishlist holiday.. skrg tgh gumpol dwit nak g sana hujung tahun depan.. lama lagi hehe.. tp serious nak pegi sana.. salu tgk movie tempat cantek2.. smggu cukup kot kat sana.. kalau lama sgt byk duit nak kuar hehe..

Litt[L]E`StAr said...

I want to work in Japan! and I am so determine with my dreams! hahaha. let's change our dreams into reality~! ><