Without Love. Aidilfitri.

The Raya mood is not end yet but the CUTI Raya is going to end soon. Tomorrow I'll be back to Shah Alam. 8 hours journey. I hope semuanya selamat dan dipermudahkan urusan olehNYA. Amin.

Actually the last time I went home was 5 months ago. For me, that is the longest period I apart from my beloved hometown. Hm..this Raya is really different because I feel awkward to celebrate it without him, my father. He left me just 1 month after last year Raya. And probably due to that matter, my house receive less guess than usual. 

In other words, kemeriahan Raya tahun ini dah tak seperti dulu.

Since my father answer Allah's call also, my mother health is exponentially drop, but sometimes rise a bit, just like a sinus+exponent curve. Yesterday she "jatuh terduduk" due to unseen slippery floor. And today she also "jatuh terduduk" again due to a leg at the old chair broken. I felt very pity for her. She is alright, don't worry. 

However deep in my heart I really scares if something like that will happen again. I hope not. Amin.

Well I really hate to see her doing housekeeping non-stop. Really. But even I told her to rest, she resist and saying that if she rest, she will be more tired. Hm.. for me, I can just help whenever I can. I don't want her to suffer alone. 

I'm going to be a good son for her. 
I want to make her happy till the end of her life.  

Mom, I love you so much.
Your love will never be replace with anything or anyone..


~rukia_kuchiki said...

kasih ibu membawa ke syurga.
take care!

::aMaD:: said...

thank u so much ima!