Myanmar girl in my diary.

Today, a Myanmar girl who is accurately said as an operator at my production line injured badly at her head after hitting the handler of a trolley. The handler made from steel. Ouch!! It seems to be very bad because in a blink of eyes, the injured part of her head grown big! Oh God. Could be her skull may damage a bit? 

She cried and then collapse at the place of incident. Pity her. Moreover, this accident happens right in front of my eyes and only I’m the witness. Can U imagine how trauma I am right now? I just getting to know her, I mean getting to know how hard her life is. 

She’s the only member in her family that works at Malaysia. Her age could be old enough which is 29 but she like some girl at her early 20s. She knows nothing man, just like an innocent girl. Just 1 hour before the accident, we talk normally, but after that. Only God knows. I hope she will be well soon and work again.