Happy OR Gloomy Starts of 2012?


It maybe late but still, I want to wish it.

This blog had been suffered for a very long period of time. There was no update. The reason is simple - I'm busy.

Yeah, sometimes U and I could be wondering what is that so call "busy"? I believe that we both has free time or leisure time to type something in the blog isn't? But that time were being used to do other things that we wish to do that cannot be executed as we are busy with works, families and lovers?

Well, I'm not talking nothing here. I'm just saying how lazy I am to update blog.

Ok then, for other issue, I had been battling almost 2 months in applying NEW JOB. The number of my application up to date are estimated around 300 already. But I got NO positive response from the recruiter. Sad. Emotional stress out. And worry. That's how I feel right now. Everyday I keep on revising my resume and cover letter..hoping to coming best out of me.

Jobstreet - the number one search agent, still cannot help me. Why? Why?? I really cannot find the answer. People say that "itu bukan rezeki kita". Yeah it's true. But I believe in one thing "tuhan takkan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum melainkan kaum tu mengubahnya sendiri". It means that if I never work hard then I must not hope for the interviewer to call me.

Oh God. Please help me. To my deary readers, please help me out.