HONEST REVIEW: Is Maxis Fibre Internet Good?

Well, I am typing this because I think this product of Maxis DESERVE to be talk about. Is it GOOD or BAD? OK. Here it goes. Before using this Fibre Internet, I used other Maxis broadband products. I can't really know what was the name, but I still remember that the shape was very BIG and it requires AC plug (not rechargeable). I paid RM98/month and the said speed was 3Mbps. It was SUCK actually as the connection always not stable. The model was so old, like using NOKIA 3310 (Google it) in this modern times.

Tadaaa! Finally after deciding for a long time, I moved to Fibre Internet. The said speed is 10Mbps for RM148/month! As before, I paid alone, but now I share with other 3 housemates. So RM148 divide by 4 equal to RM37 / month! It is a way GOOD saving. The performance? OK, we have been using it for 7 months and everything is EXCELLENT. All the time, the connection is fast and stable. Although we are using it for 4 persons, but SERIOUSLY no problem at all! Even I can still manage to download a file of size 1.0Gb in less than 30 minutes. So yeah it is worth!

Let me get it straight. This post is not an ad. I just want to post a review. Location wise, I am living at Shah Alam, Selangor. During installation, there is absolutely NO charges. Straight away pay for RM148 / month. But since Maxis install it in mid of month, so for the first bill, we pay just around RM70. Next month, RM148 and until now. LASTLY, the installation team come to my house about 2 weeks after the registration. As a conclusion, this is the ONLY best thing about MAXIS!

SENSASI: Dividen dan Bonus ASB 2013

Berita SENSASI kepada sesiapa yang mempunyai akaun di ASB. Tahun lepas, jumlah dividen ialah 9.00 sen seunit yakni pengagihan pendapatan sebanyak 7.75 sen seunit dan bonus 1.15 sen seunit. Tahun ini, jumlah dividen JATUH sikit kepada 8.70 sen seunit. Dimana pengagihan pendapatan ialah sebanyak 7.70 sen seunit dan bonues 1.00 sen seunit. Kepada yang mahu mengambil dividen ASB, kena tunggu 2 Januari 2014. Tempat nak ambil dividen ASB ialah di mana-mana bank berdekatan.

Kalau anda nak tahu tahsia disebalik dividen ASB ini, ada kawan2 pernah cerita, cara ASB nak memastikan imej diorang bagus, diorang perlulah tetapkan jumlah dividen yang hampir sama rata setiap tahun. Walaupun diorang UNTUNG besar (contohnya dividen 10.00 pun boleh bagi) dan walaupun diorang RUGI besar (contohnya dividen mampu setakat 7.50 je), diorang tetap cuba memastikan kadar dividen lebih kurang setiap tahun. Jadi sebenarnya tak rugi pun. Diorang untung, kita pun untung. Win win situation.