HONEST REVIEW: Is Maxis Fibre Internet Good?

Well, I am typing this because I think this product of Maxis DESERVE to be talk about. Is it GOOD or BAD? OK. Here it goes. Before using this Fibre Internet, I used other Maxis broadband products. I can't really know what was the name, but I still remember that the shape was very BIG and it requires AC plug (not rechargeable). I paid RM98/month and the said speed was 3Mbps. It was SUCK actually as the connection always not stable. The model was so old, like using NOKIA 3310 (Google it) in this modern times.

Tadaaa! Finally after deciding for a long time, I moved to Fibre Internet. The said speed is 10Mbps for RM148/month! As before, I paid alone, but now I share with other 3 housemates. So RM148 divide by 4 equal to RM37 / month! It is a way GOOD saving. The performance? OK, we have been using it for 7 months and everything is EXCELLENT. All the time, the connection is fast and stable. Although we are using it for 4 persons, but SERIOUSLY no problem at all! Even I can still manage to download a file of size 1.0Gb in less than 30 minutes. So yeah it is worth!

Let me get it straight. This post is not an ad. I just want to post a review. Location wise, I am living at Shah Alam, Selangor. During installation, there is absolutely NO charges. Straight away pay for RM148 / month. But since Maxis install it in mid of month, so for the first bill, we pay just around RM70. Next month, RM148 and until now. LASTLY, the installation team come to my house about 2 weeks after the registration. As a conclusion, this is the ONLY best thing about MAXIS!


jimmy said...

I have been using timefibre home broadband for about 3months, i very sastisfy with the speed they provide.
their speed can go to 100mpbs, wow

CYC said...

Is the speed for 8 Mbps any time faster than Unifi 5 Mbps? Is the connection stable and speed consistent? I am planning to go for the 8 Mbps + 10 plan.

Thank you for your feedback.

Maestro Amad said...

In the paper, YES.
In the actual, YES!

Definitely I recommend you use Maxis Fibre.

Anonymous said...

How was the Maxis fiber internet now ? It is still as good as you describe ? Currently thinking about switching to it

Maestro Amad said...

Hey mate. Currently I moved to my new condo already. Since it is new, I am not sure if Maxis Fibre can be use here. But I saw some neighbors already running on Unifi. So I guess I will register for Maxis Fibre soon.