MUST READ: A Message From Palestine To The World

Dear Readers from all around the world,

Did you aware about current conflict in Gaza? If you are not, you may want to look some photos below. Gaza, apart of Palestine territory is under attack by Israel forces. The reason of the attack is because they feel "threaten" as HAMAS who is in control of Palestine is "preparing an assault" on them. So they strike first, any waiting will spread fatality to them. Ridiculous! HAMAS not even doing that and HAMAS in control because they have been chosen in general election by Palestine people to  guide and protect them.

If your country is Palestine, will you be happy? Will you let Israeli soldier kill your wife, son and the rest of your family? No, CERTAINLY you will fight back isn't? Now that is the reason why HAMAS is gathering their forces. Not to attack the Israel but to protect their own people. But I am pretty sure that if you are from or backing Israel, you will feel that eliminating threat like HAMAS is crucial. In the end, there will never be a stop to this war which had begun for almost a century ago.

Before post this, I read in some site that some people is actually saying that living in Israel is heaven. No discrimination, and everything is treated equally. Even Arabs kids can get along with Jewish child. Not to mention the salary, absolutely no biases been practiced. Is it true? If it is then why don't their army stop the occupation of Palestine? Why should they influence the world that Palestine is a terrorist country? Why should they block all roadways and supplies to Palestine? What Palestine had actually impacting them?

As a Muslim, I am confident that Israel act is very WRONG in every path. And I believe that although you are may not be a Muslim, but you can think with your common sense that is occupying a country is a right thing to do? Is killing children who are just being born to see this beautiful world can be acceptable? What if you are from Palestine. What would you do? Just see the killing spree? Well, last but not least my words are "PALESTINE, a country that will never be eliminated in the World's Map, ever".

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